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06-22-2013, 07:36 PM

Here is a few suggestion I think would be great and would add to the MMO side of the game.

Hero inventory
-Addition of items (weapons, armors, potion, consumable) usable by the hero. Possibility to implement this with the loot system

Random Event

I'll explain more this one. Random event are something sandbox often have, that trigger either quest or mission. In DoF, it could be a bandit camp that set up in the forest that need to be cleaned, a wolf pack during the winter that decide to attack peasants and livestocks, etc. The possibilities are unlimited. Random events could be link with the inventory systems, where you can loot items in bandit camp, treasure in ogre lair, etc, and equip your hero with it.

Here's a couple idea of other random event that could trigger or spawn:

-Fire in the city
-Raid party
-Travelling merchant that offer special item
-Hidden treasure discovered
-Bandit camp in the outskirt
-Wolf pack attack
-Bear attack (or spawn)
-Ogre lair
-Dragon lair
-Special missions

Permanent Quest

A sort of permanent combat quest depending on the race that can be farmed, that offer a steady but lower reward.

Other small things

-Possibility to align the facing of your troop

It could be only with a simple arrow on right click that indicate where you want to face your troop. Nothing too complicated like in Total War, something more like Empire Earth.

-Future position of troops appear on the ground on right click, a little bit like in Total War series

-A notification box, where you can see what happen and when, with a clickable ''Show Location''

The voice over isn't very precise. I like to know that a building has been completed, but when you are constructing several things at the same time, you aren't sure if it's the stable you were waiting for or just a segment of wall.

-Hovering information

If I hover my mouse over a piece of damaged wall, it would be intuitive if a small box would appear and tell me how much health it has left and how much it cost to repair it. Hovering information everywhere it's possible.


Possiblity to vassalize NPC village around the player town, that pay taxes and spawn troops on a slow pace. The player would need to siege these villages like NPC town.

Ultimately, players should be able to vassalize other players in the same alliance and request help and troops when needed.

06-23-2013, 01:10 AM
Radom event, great idea

06-24-2013, 04:25 AM
I really like all of these Idea's these would be a huge benefit to DoF if implemented especially the champion items and random events.