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---I only just started playing, but this is based on the knowledge I have atm---
Better version of this guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=154743948


So you little tiny maggot want to be an amazing awesome and powerfull elf?

In this guide I'll be explaining what I have found to be the best way to play the elves, although I haven't played the game much, maybe some other new players might find this helpfull :)

When you start playing, you will want to just follow the quests, since they'll provide you with resources to build a few things.

When you reach the point at which you get the quest to trade unicorns for stone to build a wall, STOP!

At that point you want to stop doing the quests for a little bit, and build a Sylvan Shrine (you should have one if you did the previous quests) and a Tree Symbiosis.

Resource gathering

These 2 things will provide you with what you need the most : resources.
The Sylvan Shrine will provide you with food and gold, and the Tree Symbiosis with wood, and possible also food, stone and gold.

Use the Tree Symbiosis to make about 2 extra Unicorns (if you didn't do the trade unicorns for stone quest you should have 2 already). This will give you a small gold income. Next, build a few houses, about 4. This will give you a small wood income. Next you will want too produce a few deers in the Sylvan Shrine. Deers will give you a high food income! Build as many as you can.

Next stage

Next, build some workers, around 10. Let 1 or 2 mine stone, let 5 of them mine gold and let the other 3 collect berries.
With the workers, the deers and the unicorns you should have a steady resource income.
But you're probably short on wood. Try getting a few Forest Spirits, from the Tree Symbiosis. 2 - 4 should be enough. This can take some time, so just first make some more deers, employ some more gold miners and so on.
Just dont get too many stone miners since you don't need stone all that much, you're better off having more gold miners.

Later on you will probably want to get lots and lots of deers for a very, VERY high food income. You will then trade this food for any other resource of your liking.

The Tree Symbiosis allowes you to 'grow' stone and gold mines, as well as berrie bushes. There are 4 'plots' next to the tree/building.
This allowes you to have every resource indefinetely inside the safety of your city.

Steady income

When you've got a nice income of every resource ( high on food, decent on gold, probably btween 1-5 wood and very low stone) you can continue with you're quests.

Ofcourse, you can also continue earlier. But if you instantly do the quest with the trading unicorns for stone, you'll be short on wood and won't be able to build the Tree Symbiosis, resulting in a lack of wood because you can't produce Forest Spirits.

After that you can produce soldiers, increase your resource income, expand your village/city and so on :).

Some tips:
-Houses produce resources, click on them to chose what you want them to produce.
-The "Tree Dwelling" building provides upgrades for your resource gathering.
-Treants increase the gathering rate of your workers
-Only workers can loot corpses, send some with your soldiers when you're going to fight.

Get deers, Get gold miners, Get Forest Spirits, Get Unicorns.
Build soldiers.

The resources in the game are:

As an elve, you can get food by:
-Ordering workers to harvest berries from berrie bushes
-Producing deers (0.2 per deer I believe, before upgrading)
-Selecting the 'food' option in the House options menu (click on a residence)

As an elve, you can get wood by:
-Producing Forest Spirits
-Selecting the 'wood' option in the House options menu (click on a residence)
-You get wood from your main building, the great tree. I think the higher the level, the more wood you get
-You get wood from your 'settlement' (no idea what its based on)
-Transmuting wood with the Alchemy Lab

As an elve, you can get stone by:
-Ordering workers to mine stone from stone mines
-Transmuting stone with the Alchemy Lab

As an elve, you can get gold by:
-Ordering workers to mine gold from gold mines
-Producing unicorns (1.6 per unicorn after upgrading I believe)
-Selecting the 'gold' option in the House options menu (click on a residence)
-Transmuting gold with the Alchemy Lab


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