View Full Version : Bug house/not getting build/unicorens not giving gold out site town/ gold dissapered?

06-22-2013, 10:18 AM
other night i got like 50 k gold when i came on... this night i only got 16k how come?

Im on skype whit a clan mate... he got unicorens out side the city gving him gold? mine does not give gold out side the city? how come?

Worker not wokring?, when im enter my city it is saying some of the wokrer are not wokring... then i put them to work next time i enter the stand idle ? what to do about that?

next had 2 draws miner's they where not able to mine? how come?

Crashes? some time the game crashed... first the ound gets werid... then it freze the scren and say it stoped working....

When i build house in my town ( residen ) noting is happing... first 90 i got suply then i got more " space to my cargo " and not nothing i happing... it is buling the buling a the sam place... when i leave my town and enter it... they are gone... and i can rebuld them like i have dont alot of time?

u got all the log there

// waxs