View Full Version : [Bug- Minor] City 'forgets' which techs you have learned

06-21-2013, 05:40 PM
When you buy certain upgrade techs (mostly Siege types from the Blacksmith), leave your city (world map , exit game etc), and come back, your city has 'forgotten' which techs you bought.

Example : Buy 'Masonry' upgrade from Blacksmith - this allows you to build stone walls. If you leave the city and come back, then go to Town Hall and try to buy any upgrade that requires Masonry, it is red and states you need to research it.

The city doesn't actually 'lose' the tech, the work around is to go to the Blacksmith, open the Siege upgrades, close the menus then go to Town Hall and voila! you can upgrade. I believe the city just needs a minor 'refresher' course every once in a while (forgetful Mayors must keep losing the blueprints :p )