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06-20-2013, 04:24 PM
These are my thoughts on the game, please excuse my terrible English but this game has filled me with a passion that I havn't felt in a long time from games so I just had to type this.

Dawn Of Fantasy what I think It needs to be shy of perfect in its goals as a game:

This game astounds me, it has solid fun PVE and PVP (abit patchy but fun non the less which will be more polished in time)

Unit control bugs and pathing needs to be fixed - Sometimes archers will not all partake with their unti in attacking enemies. Sometimes my hero's decide to watch a fight 1 meter away from the enemy instead of chopping people up.

Sound when things cant happen - for example I was doing the dangerous neighbours quests and during this time I had siege units with that I could not use, the ladders would just stand there, eventually I realised they clearly just dont work on these types of walls but as a new player I had no feedback.

Panning just to admire and watch - DoF is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played on my pc, I know you guys are not a fan of AFK playing but I really think having a panning feature while I study / read / work so a camera just floats around my fortress / peasants working / the scenery would be a heaps nice feature.

Really interact with us - I understand you guys are a small team but I think for this game too really take off and get the attention it deserves you need to focus on Reddit AMA's / Offers to communities like Reddit and 9gag (maybe a code or something when they buy the game) just get looking at /r/gaming on Reddit.

Please give us dates and dates that are real - I have been watching Rev every night since this 'launch' and its been race this, customise hero that and thats SO cool to hear but give us dates when this can be achieved because these are features that certain gamers will wait for before they commit to DoF.

Incentive to Streamers - Get a community incentive to market your game for you, be it crowns to consistant viewed streams, free in game content or RL money either way constant streaming of the game is such a cheap solid way to get personalities to sell your game.

Look at similar games - For example this battle system is similar to total war series, get a real look at adding certain battle mechanics to this game as I think will excel enjoyment for the battling sieging PVP players by adding more skill.

Crowns - You have to add more crowns into the game through playing the game to compete with F2P I love this game and all I want to do is dedicate my time to it while im free at the moment, But to keep up with my willingness to play the game I have had to bust $60 Dollars I understand this is my choice but I feel if there was more balance in gaining crowns I could get more friends to play the game.

Co-op Me and my friend got this game all we wanted to do was play together but there was no 'this is what you need to do' 'this is how you do it' anywhere in the game I had to ask the lovely mods / devs. Get onto that, your online Co-op feature is a huge part of the game. Explain how friends find each other on the world maps etc.

Co-op P2 Questing together, I feel 30 pop is way too low. 15 units each feels so underwhelming especially when one has to bring along siege units like ladders etc. I would suggest certain siege units not eating pop but still being limited.

Alliances 600 crowns to use a main feature of this game is madness IMO, I think coming up with more creative ways other than throwing 50 dollars to play with a group of friends in an Alliance would be a far more fair contribution to your player base.

These are just a few things im feeling about the game right now, I know its all fix this fix that but I just think these will really make the game excel and ascend. I think its fantastic and I will be playing the game a long time, especially after spending the money I did hah.

Please guys participate in what you would like to see added to the game.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


06-20-2013, 04:29 PM
Thanks for your feedback , some great ideas for sure, and welcome to our community!