View Full Version : Pvp And Protection

06-01-2013, 02:21 PM
I have yet to pvp. Still setting up a playstyle that works for me. Now i'm not a CAREBEAR at heart but for the health of the game withought forcing those that arent ready to pvp maybe a change could happen.

You more than half way there currently. If you switch on pvp mode you get 100 pts automatically for turning it on. This opens your camps,city and world units for pvp. Lets say every hour you dont fight your pvp score drops, peace points. When you get to 0 you can deactivate pvp if you like. But that option is there only if you have 0 points. Of course you get more pvp points when you attack player cities, camps and world Armies.

You can set rewards for pvp. By reaching point scales. Maybe a +0.2% to crowns gained or gold and, the % amount goes up depending on your pvp score or, spend points to get buffs that last say 8-48hrs of the same nature. Either or. Now they would cost at least a few hundred to thousands, so you cant just turn on pvp to get a buff.

Protection should be only needed for pvp chars and the rules the same. If you have protection on you cant co-op. You spend your crowns so you can safely tick your time down.

Doing this allows others that dont pvp to not have the protection on ever and enjoy sieging co-op to maybe get trained/tips from veteran players.