View Full Version : Editor window size issue

06-01-2013, 08:55 AM

2 days ago I bought the game on Steam. I discovered there was a map editor, and I like to create maps, so i gave it a try. The main problem comes with the map window size, I'ts very small. I have checked configuration and all, but nothing found. Thats a problem becaus ei really wnated to make maps, but the window is that small that gives me headeache so its imposible for me to make somehting decent. i have read that in 2 weeks ther eis going to be an update fixing the editor problem in steam about the test map not running correctly (Which also happens to me), but i don't know if this problem will be fixed too, or if it is something unknown for me that i have to do to change the size.


As you can see i have the editor main window fully opened, but the map one only takes a small part of the screen. i would like to fix that as soon as posible. Thank you in advance.

EDIT: I had send a message to support due to another problem, and i included this one, and i was told that this problem will probably be fixed in the next update/patch. But i'm not sure yet since i haven't seen someone else who has this problem as me.