View Full Version : Racial Sieges

05-31-2013, 02:19 PM
Don't you think that due to each race specializing in very different styles of combat and fighting techniques that each race would respectively respond differently to their settlements being besieged? For example: The Orcs being, well berserk charges using 'Horde' tactics, don't you think it would be a more logical approach to make them sally forth from their walls in great numbers to attack their assailants rather than cower behind their walls? It doesn't really seem appropriate for a Barbaric Orcish Horde now does it? :rolleyes:

Similarly, although it does make sense that the elves would remain behind their walls and gates. But wouldn't they still harass their foes using ambush tactics and hidden saboteur or archer troops hidden near or around the camp in the undergrowth and high trees, ready to pepper their assailants with their deadly elven arrows?

At least, this only applies to the AI forces of course, as it does fall to the player on how they will repel a besieging army. I just thought it would make sense seeing as each of the three races are radically different both militarily and culturally.