View Full Version : an idea to retain players

05-20-2013, 08:04 AM
hello friends, I tell them I did the 46 missions of humans and'm besieging cities because repetitvas missions, really, very very boring., do not present any challenge and make you get bored. Furthermore, sieges have not any challenge, enemy units remain at their posts awaiting death and "strengths" say they are close to the city, no impact on the battle. my segurencias:

** 1) that the strengths ciduad devices nearby or dle the castle, so be more difficult sieges

* 2) That the enemy reinforcements arrive more frequently (every 5 minutes) and are large armies

* 3) add side quests when you browse the map, for example, destroy a dragon, a group of bandits, eliminating a feudal lord who torments the villagers, recover such Tesore, etc..

* 4) Misones has to be more difficult, that the armies of elves and orcs are getting bigger

* 5) increased life jeugo dle map, remove the AI armies and come to haunt us, as it does in the single player mode.