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05-14-2013, 09:05 PM
hello everybody,

2 MOD asked me to create this topic about makada siege to report bug so first :

- human archer deal no damage to marauder and unit on makada's walls


itook this screen at the beginning of the siege my 10 archer and my 4 riflemen attack unit n the left wall ( the other unit was killed by swordmen and footknights)


the second screen is near the end of the battle , reinforcment had come adn i killed them ( i know the timer is more important than the other on last screen but thats another bug, well as you can see the unit i was focusing was already alive , my archer are out of ammo ( 1000 arrow) i tryed with fire and without its same so having range unit when you siege makada is a bit useless cause they deal no damage against unit on the wall i only test with human , doesn t know if its same with elf archer and ork archer.

- now second bug, at the beginning of the battle yo ucan choose the place from where you ll siege the fortress. you select it . after having killed reinforcement if you press enter you ll have the same choice as the beginning south or north east , adn if you select a position it don t change anything but the timer just reload to 20 min and reinforment will also come back after 20 min.

- third bug: its linked to the choice of your starting position afte rthe cinematic when they ll ask you to choose you re at the east if you choose south, sometime a part of your unit will be nearly killed , one soldier survive and they alredy are at east position.

-4 th bug with hero and elite unit, sometimes your elite unite as my shaman will not regen their stamina as they re not walking or running, it hapened to me only once but i prefer prevent you.

i think that s all for now, i don t see or found something else strange.

05-15-2013, 08:20 AM
When I first started the siege it was extremly laggy. After finally starting up from the location I choose I noticed 10 unites in the oposite corner of the map away from my starting posistion. The unit cap was 70/60 atm. All the new units had 1 health and where a random assortment of my men. Crossbowman, mounted knights, ect ect.
Then I was promted to choose a starting location agian. I was confused but clicked the same location i was already at to get the box out of my way. Then my army changed sides on the map and started by the dupped units with no health.
There was no wall or buildings, just my men standing in the field. I lost connection shortly afterwards and when i logged back in my army was standing at 46/60 and i had lost a random assortment of units. I never even engaged the enemy or took any fire from the walls. I'm still very confused about what happened and where my men went.

05-15-2013, 08:23 AM
Tried to upload the screenshots, but every time I try to i get an upload failed sign. Please Email me for the screenshots if needed. dpstexas1211@gmail.com