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05-13-2013, 07:40 AM
First of all, I would like to thank certain people, who will remain unnamed, for helping me realize that others believed i was cheating by using MOD status and powers for my own personal benefits.
That being said let me explain. After Patch #10 05-06-13 came out certain players had some major bugs that glitched out their entire armies, including, heroes, dragons and special units (dwarven). As well as in some rare cases their actually city bugged out and unplayable or even unable to log into that city without crashing out the game.
The mods were not invulnerable to these bugs. Myself as well as another Mod Lazybrit was effected as well. Both of us ended up with the total bugged out cities that were unplayable and missing armies. So we did what we were recommending to all the extreme bugged players to do for ourselves, which was delete the city, and start over. Of course with each player that had to delete their city (there were not many extreme cases) we reimbursed them crowns and resources to help them build it back up as soon as possible.We also had to give them crowns for any deleted elite units, heroes and dragons.
I was given crowns after i deleted my city and created my new one...however while i was being sent the crowns a bug occurred that made it look as if i was not receiving any crowns so the Mod helping me kept spamming the crowns to try and get them to me. Finally it looked as if i had received my 500 crowns (had dragons and heroes and dwarven units i had to delete) so i logged out for the evening. When i next logged in the following day i had a rather large surprise waiting for me...13500 crowns were there in my crowns area. As a mod I can not get rid of crowns from myself, or from players, nor can other mods take them, so i was stuck with them until i could find a way to resolve the issue. I did NOT however use those crowns to build up armies of elites or dragons for my own advantage. I have in TOTAL 5 dwarven riflemen i bought from what i consider to be from the 500 crowns i should have been given for my lost elites from my deleted city. Since i PvP a lot, people will notice due, to my live streams, that i do not have any elite armies running around the battle maps or pvp battle.
I just wanted to let the community know that as MODS we do not use any of the resources that we have to cheat, trample, crush, or create unfair advantages over any of the players in the game. We use our resource powers to help players who have bugs or lost units, period.
I would also like to let you,the community know, that those bugged crowns i had have finally been deleted.
Thank you and enjoy the game....I will be coming for you sooner or later ;)

05-13-2013, 07:45 AM
Im glad we have a community that watches out for us and let us know things in advance so we can quickly rectify glitches that would make it seem like we ourselves our cheating when we have no reason to.
I'm glad we have such a good community with us that bare with all this mishaps and keep playing with us ^_^
Kayak is deffently one who Always strives to play fair and enjoy the game just like any other player does.
Hope we keep growing and see more activity ^_^ and if you see kayak in the field looking for a battle.. grab your maces , swords, and cavalary and give him a run for his money ;)

05-13-2013, 08:57 AM
why would MODs cheat really the mods here are awesome but like us normal player the MODs do get hit by bugs like we do so why should they not get refunds like we do and most mod here done use elites in there army like I don't. I know kayak got hit badly but the town killer bug same as I did with my orc fortress but I was new to game then so I just deleted it and started over. No big deal to me i was still learning to play the game. However some people say mods cheat man no way i know a lot of them and i really do not believe they would or need to most of them have been player longer the most of us.

05-13-2013, 09:27 AM
To me the accusation against Kayakbob is totally unfair and not true at all. The first question I have for the player/players that's accusing him is this.. Did you ever challenged him to a pvp match? If so you would have noticed that in his army is no elite units except the dwarven rifleman. So why would he use crowns for his own advantage? The other thing is what we as players should keep in mind is that the mods are not immune to the same bugs and glitches that we are experiencing. That disastrous Friday LazyBrit and Kayak was hit just as hard as some of the other players and lost their whole city. I was one of the lucky ones that lost just a unit or two and they were immediately there to help me and other players that got hit. I believe Kayak's explanation about what happened with the crowns and if you want to be fair, then you will too because of one simple thing.. When they were busy doing the transfer the bugs were still present.

05-13-2013, 11:04 AM
This is true, us MODs do not spam resources for personal gain, we have the power to help you (the community) regain what resources or units you may have lost due to bugs or crash issues. He simply found a new bug while trying to get his city back to normal and it was reported.

We as MODs have nothing to gain by cheating as we are just trying to help make this a better game for the community, period.


05-13-2013, 11:31 AM
**** happens.

btw personally i take separate my player city from my dev cities that i use for test in main/live server and test server., just for avoid any problems or accusations. expecial becouse not many know i am a 2011 player so when ppl see my multiple 2k /3k army can think i have them becouse i am a dev...

in all fairness since i got involved in the development part of dof i played vs players like 90% less even with my 2011 cities. i believe that if you are a game master of a game you should not play your own game vs players, it always ends bad, this is an experience i matured since 1998 when i was admin and scripter for an ultima online shard....

btw i can ensure players that if anybody from mod team abuse their position for resource/crowns etc, they will get S-K-U-L-L ****ED

05-13-2013, 11:32 AM
*wrote a pargraph defending Kayak* In the end of the day Kayak is a great mod yet I woop his butt in pvp :p

05-13-2013, 11:36 AM
I do believe we are now 2-2 Dom :P

05-13-2013, 11:44 AM
Lol that shall change once we meet on the battlefield again ^^

05-13-2013, 12:32 PM
i dont think a mod or dev should be using language such as skull ****ed. second i have played since oct 2010 and have never been accused of abuse. i dont think kayakbob has done anything wrong except falling victim to spam from steam. saying you matured to not playing those cities is fine for you but i feel like you are saying the rest of us shouldn't play ours if im wrong then i apologize but if you are then your wrong playing a city you made is the reason the game is here we have a str matching system to keep ppl from taking advantage of new ppl. i still play my main city and have no problem i win a lot but still lose some of course that cause i log in to fight someone and fight they have op units do to some new balancing but hey im down for the challange.

05-13-2013, 03:54 PM
Hay guy's just a quick message as im shattered, The reason kayak ended up with load's or crowns was my fault as the game bugged when i was trying to send them to him. Kayak is one of our best MOD's and is active 90% of the time and always willing to help and has NO reason to cheat and thinking about it no one has any reason so please next time don't jump to conclusions before you find out the facts because it is not fair on kayak and the rest of us MOD's that are here to help you.

05-13-2013, 03:57 PM
Keep in mind most of us don't have time to play and spend most of our time helping out, especially me. I stand by my Mods!. And good on you Kayak for putting them straight!

05-14-2013, 12:04 AM
Well considering that your job is this game I find it strange you don't have very much time for it, but each its own I suppose.

Kay has shown great support in this game, and I can personally state this. Unlike others who say they don't have anytime, I truly have to watch my time down to the minute. When I found out what happened.

I took a few minutes to write this up. It should show the value and quality of Kayakbob.

also it is our jobs as mods to interact with the gaming community. You are a fool to think otherwise. We are not above them, better than them, and OUR job is not of superiority. It's a service to the community. One way to interact is indeed pvp with the community. How arrogant you must be to think otherwise.

05-14-2013, 12:49 AM
Then I would like to apologize first off to kayak and the other person who found this bug... either I misunderstood what was being explained to me,or it was explained to me in poor light and I retract my statements. I thought the mod who was responsible, was a mod who does not do their job, and was posting screenshots and bragging, that he had so many crowns. Since it was the fact that this was NOT the case and the reason they had so many crowns was a BUG and since this is KAYAK and INK we are talking about... they bust their ass for the community and this game, as many mods do. Please understand community, mods do not have godly powers... and some of us have such big armies because we have been playing it for two years already.

Some of us busted our asses for days straight just because we felt like helping people and because of that we got mod status. So please instead of pointing fingers and looking down upon someone so quickly we should slow down and calmly asked what actually happened or the cause of something questionable. Myself included. In all honesty I will still pvp with my army... i pvped with it before I was a mod and i will pvp with the exact same thing afterwards.