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05-12-2013, 03:05 AM
I have noticed that when we have MOD meetings that, even though there's only a few of us... we come up with some really awesome ideas and many of them actually take form into what your playing right now... that said what would YOU as a community like to see most?

Don't blow this off because when I started playing this game like two years ago (when I was still trying to figure out how the $%# you went about building a windmill!) I gave Kon A few minutes of my time and really told what I thought about the game and quite a few of my suggestions made the cut and are in the game that we all play now. So trust me when I say he really will take a good idea and run with it. For example... The old cities outer wall used to be the inner wall it has now... and nothing even existed outside your cities walls AT ALL before (imagine how small your cities would be!) and now that's clearly not the case.

A couple of guidelines (I'd like to see)

Don't rant on about something... if your going to make a big post about why you think an idea you have is great... take the time to explain why not just because "it'd be cool bro"

Don't ask for dwarves, undead, or dragonkin. They are coming already. Ditto with magic, naval combat,and guilds/alliances. However suggestions about said things are fine, for example "dwarven cities should be underground" ( they are in case you didn't know! )

Don't ask for bug fixes, or things like "Better path finding and a nicer UI"

Ask for actual things/concepts/ideas, you'd like to see in the game that stimulate some brain cells. Even contact me in-game if it comes to mind quickly enough.

So go on... Stimulate my cells baby... Stimulate hard.

EDIT: OH and please keep it realistic... This ain't SEGA or EA. You can't request sync kills or something like that ... there's a small family of people who work on this game, not a giant company.

That all said... I'll go first with just something short and simple I'd Like to see: More city slots.

05-12-2013, 05:35 AM
Firstly a kick starter campaign would be great for the game and development team to really help get peoples ideas into reality then some of the more unrealistic ideas can become a little more realistic.

more options for micro managing towns/citys

Circle around selected troops showing the attack range

The ability to place your own buildings and walls and have defensive structures would be great (i'm not sure if this would be possible) it would add another layer of strategy to the game and each attack would be different as each players base layout would be a new challenge with each attack.

but the major thing right now for me would be a kickstarter campaign which could potentially bring in a couple of hundred thousand plus more for the dev team.


05-12-2013, 09:08 AM
I posted mine in the suggestions area, and some of them are not possible, but as you asked:

Farming NPCs – Atm almost all NPCs you meet when entering any region are lvl 1 with the highest I have seen being lvl5 ( this may have been on a quest though), I think this should be raised or even scale to your level.
City raids – It would be interesting if NPC’s raided our cities with the strength of the raid being based on the defenses in the city, this would give meaning to fortifications and troops even when you have PVP protection on.
Automated caravans – These could leave your city on a regular basis taking excess resources but should be subject to attack by both players and NPC’s.
Unit design – I would like to be able to design my own units with weapons and armour I have researched and manufactured, this one is probably wishful thinking though.
Range indicator – ranged units should have an overlay that shows the extent of their range, preferably one that can be switched on and off.
Patrols - Could we set units in our home city to carry out patrol sweeps, this would give a more immersive feeling and an active city, ideally it would have tied into NPC raids to protect mining nodes.
Sending resources - Sending resources to another player should take a caravan, atm it's instant and easy with no risk. Could we also gift them troops?
Competitions - I think it's great that Hi11zone gives stuff away all the time but in other games, WOT, they seem to get a lot of buy in for player competitions, this could also be tailored to help out on the game i.e. write a quest story line, design a unit, write a guide or even provide sound bites etc.

And some new ones:

Group formations: I would like my groups to stay and be able to be orientated in the formations I place them in i.e. spears to the front, archers to the rear and flanked by swords or Cav.
Hero Quests - People might become more attached to their hero's if there were specific quests that didn't involve their armies

05-12-2013, 11:26 AM
Maybe new buildings or units, "human" or monster like dragoons I don't know... Why not add some troops of goblin in the shop like dwarves?

Some craft in our city? Like some games who you have to craft items for being better or finish some quest, why not some specials stones, wood or pieces of stuff for "updgrade" our heroes?
Stuff can updgrade health, attack, armor, cure, heal, etc... And it will be fun to have heroes with strong armor with dragoon's bone or anything else. Item for crafting this stuff can be droped by dragoons, ogres, battle against other races :)

Just few ideas but maybe good things and new objectives in long time for "old players".

05-12-2013, 11:37 AM
I quite the game for now I find it to have to many bugs yet ! But I m checking th forum and collecting my Daily regular so I m not 100% off.

There is one BIG think that bother me to the death is the Dragon cost 120 crowns, cost few millions gold to bring to lvl 60, take 10 pop in army and they die in matter of seconds..... in pvp ...... This is wrong ! I want to delete all my dragons b/c how useless they are and they taking up my army space but I Can't bring myself to that b/c I kind off still have hop for this game.

05-12-2013, 10:08 PM
Warbs.. that is already in the works as far as kickstarter goes... placing your own buildings and walls especially is not doable because of the fact you could make endless layers of walls. I liked the rest!

Aeil.. many good ideas there... any many of those are actually being worked on right now.

Pusch.. That sounds like a lot of code... i like the idea... but that might be a possibility AFTER kickstarter has taken off.

Holy... in our meeting today we discussed dragons in detail for a bit... they are getting reworked and i think everyone will enjoy them now.. Trust me, and im not talking about the fact that they never die either :D As far as bugs go.... the game has made vast improvements especially in the bug squashing department... but as we add more things and tweak things, bugs do occur sadly. We try our best to fix and make the game enjoyable as possible.

05-13-2013, 07:40 AM
Warbs.. that is already in the works as far as kickstarter goes... placing your own buildings and walls especially is not doable because of the fact you could make endless layers of walls.

There could be a limit on the amount of wall pieces available to combat that issue.

05-13-2013, 02:54 PM
hi guys I would love to see more tactics in battle like archers on a hill getting a range bonus. 2 water like steams slowing units movement down 3 hiding in woods to ambush units 4 flanking units get bonus dmg . 5 maybe fleeing units if taken heavy loss's thing like that could make battle more fun and get the brain cells working overtime.

P.S I would just like to say I love the game and I love what you guys are doing with this little gem and you MOD and DEV are awesome you rock guys :cool:

05-14-2013, 12:52 AM
thats mad :D and maybe one day we can try to give it a whirl warbs!

05-14-2013, 01:04 AM
:D :D A lot of these great ideas are planned or already in the works, and so much much more!;)

05-14-2013, 10:27 PM
We need more crown sinker !! I have closs to 1500 crowns and nothink to spent them on !!

05-16-2013, 04:20 PM
I would like to throw stuff in here too.

Agree with the city/wall layout, if there was some kind of limit to cap the walls, if that's really not possible I'd be happy with pre-decided walls but open plan for buildings inside. Just for the feeling of having a unique settlement.

Reduction in some of the building times.

this may just be me, but on one of the elf quests I was defending with an npc elf army and they were purple, I was blue. I found it difficult to distinguish my men from theirs. So perhaps just a tweak on the boldness of colours?

Not requiring your hero being present to complete the quests. Maybe just when he arrives back to home town you can complete and get your rewards.

Rather than highlighting your troops, making them go white - which I feel spoils the look, having small bold circles at their feet.

I quite like the idea of using resources to make other things, for instance using wood to make planks, to make boats etc. it may mean speeding up gathering but it would also be a way for people to use excess rather than just selling etc. It would also mean having more buildings/town units to look forward to. Rather than just gatherer, you could have crafter + whatever you can think of.

I could probable do this all night so i'll leave it there :)

05-17-2013, 01:58 AM
Hi there...i only play elves so i cant really say anything about other races...

1. When there is rain, there is no way that forest can burn and fire can spread
2. Autocast on units that can heal or cast downpour (on fire)
3. Elven wells for regeneration really look bad, (water streaming from a tree???)
4. Move and attack should be default option
5. Improve dragon animation while flying, units look awesome when moving and attacking but dragon is meh
6. Make heroes better visible in combat, i cant tell the difference between him or some other unit when fighting starts.
7. Selected unit circle (lower left part of the screen) is too big and information displayed is confusing (not arranged good) takes a while to find what you are looking for.
8. Position of chat window should be in lower left corner (where unit selection is now). That has become a standard in mmo games. This way it always gets in a way and at least in my case it is always closed.
9. Icons for building menu and unit icons (abilities like heal, change stance) aren't good for the elves. The contrast is wrong. I know thats not a priority but im a sucker for shiny things. Considering how good the elven tree buildings are made the icons dont do them justice.
10. Option to stop producing selected resuource. I have full wood, full food, but cant get stone, cause total resources are capped. I would like to stop producing food when it reaches 2000, and wood when it reaches 2000.
11. Different skins for different unit levels, like adding gold streak when it reaches level 5, weapon shine when it reaces level 10... (again shinies).
12. Elven forest is kinda empty, seems like nothing lives there, no birds, no animals, no ancient ruins
13. Decorations for cities...statues, fountains, market, city feels like military camp not a city.
14. Treants are ugly they look like tree stumps (i know i have been repeating this since i joined the forums, and it isnt easy to change a unit skin, but it has been bugging me like hell :-)
15. When in home city i would like that my unit regeneration is increased or at least set to 1hp/min regen, i have a wounded treant that cant reach a regeneration fountain cause he is to big and my enchanters cant heal him cause they heal is 80 hp per click. I would need to spend 2 hours just clicking heal.

And i liked the idea from Aeil about range indicator, that would be awesome.

Here are some links for icons that you can take for inspiration or maybe use. (if it is not allowed to post external links please remove them)

05-17-2013, 04:08 AM
Ive actually been in the process of becoming a fellow mod for a couple weeks now, and I have an entire notebook full of info, ideas and issues with this game. I'm pretty much an expert at any rts/mmorts made in the last 15 years (basically, all of them lol) and the first, most major issue that needs to be addressed is, what I call, the plateau effect. Once youve maxed all the best stuff out, it's not long at all until you get bored. (Not myself, but ive certainly experienced this with most mmorts's) It is critical that the developers address this issue. The best way to do so, in my opinion, is to add the ability to "conquer" or establish a second or multiple cities. The second best way, (which wouldnt help nearly as much) would be, to simply add another wall, more building slots, and more population. Regardless, such issues need to be addressed immediately (Big expansion or small update) and consistently, to keep the game progressive and appealing.

05-17-2013, 04:22 AM
Conquer cities is a good idea in the beginning. But in long time, it will be more difficult for new player to be competitive.

But maybe with the guild system, it will be an another island with cities and guild can attack other cities for conquest. Cities can bring some bonus like special troops or ressources. You can buy defenser for your cities and they can defend herself without player.

Good way to explore I think.

05-17-2013, 06:21 AM
1. Priority onto the Pathfinding.
This is currently the most dramatic issue in DoF.
And it needs attention.

The Pathfinding is not only causing lags and thus also makes it very hard to PvP.
It also hinders any halfwat decent coordination of bigger Armys.

2. Priority Hero Customization and Unit Customization.
The Option to Customize your Hero with additional Equipment and Graphical Addons is an long awaitet feature and one of the features which grants an Game an high degree of personality towards players which keeps em onboerd.
Same goes for Additional Unit Customization Options.
Of course only minor stuff for example very simple options you can research at different buildings.
Like Heavy Armor (Increasing Protection Decreasing Speed) and Light Armor (Increasing Speed but Decreasing Protection)
With an minor Graphical Change.
Theres alot of options for this but if any Unit had maybe 2 or 3 possible Addons which however are NOT an absolute improvement but instead improve certain parts over others this adds greatly to personalization of Armys.


05-17-2013, 07:22 AM
Also, when you try to turn the music/sound effects down, it would be awesome if they still didnt completely blast your ear drums:/ js because i just logged in with my headphones on, and i was like wtf?! put them both to zero, but the sound effects were still blastin!:/ shouldnt have to mute/remove my audio system every time I click a unit, building, or army... :/ they totally gotta fix that lol the music muted, but nothing else

05-17-2013, 07:31 AM
Pusch- Ideally, such pvp wouldn't be available until a certain point in the quest line, or strength of the city. Regardless, I'd assume there would still be the city protection. But my point was that, once you completely max every research, building, army, unit, and units' level, the developers need to add more. Honestly, It didnt take me 5 days to max my first city! lol

05-18-2013, 02:01 PM
Please add an MAIL system !! thank you !!!

05-19-2013, 12:36 AM
Roaming encounters -
These could work like random quests that have a low possibility of popping as we snail crawl our way across the realm. Anything from defend yourselves againt the roaming band of wolves/orcs/undead/bandits to defend the nearby village to hunt down the murderous boss like werewolf. Rewards could be standard or unique from simple gold or crowns to unique special units like the thankful healing cleric or fighting monk who joins you to repay you for saving his church ect...

Border wars -
An ambitious possibility giving more purpose to our petty skirmishes and sieges. 3 factions contending for control of territory. Every siege against an enemy faction pushes control of territory in the corresponding direction. More control means slight advantages in rates of resource gathering and maybe random free units available for claim to the victors.

Npc war sanctions -
At war? Do something about it! Npc towns we are war with periodically would send envoy's to demand tribute, parlay for peace or threaten imminent attack, which would be represented by a slow moving army that could be met on the field or awaited to defend at the city gates.

Natural disasters -
Very rare occurrences that could affect entire kingdoms, earth quakes damaging buildings, sinking mines, raising new ones. Tornadoes tearing up the town and making off with our precious cows.. Magical storms. Mutating our peasants for a few hours into powerful crazed wizards. Possibilities are endless.

Just a few thoughts :)

05-19-2013, 04:36 PM
- Graphic rewamp. It's awesome, but too old. I hope Kickstarter will help and I guess it should be a priority (I would like to add that CCP did it for EVE Online with great success).
- Huge units, even if less detailed, anyway more Total War style (i.e. 60 men), with big armies deployed on the battlefield
- a countdown of the remaining men in a unit
- a free PvP area with alliance conquerable regions and guilds conquerable castels, more EVE Online style. Btw you can always return to your castle

I'm new, but I'm gonna love this game. Good luck!

05-20-2013, 12:43 PM
some new thoughts along the lines of helping financially support the developers / expand the team further for an ever faster expanding game!

The micro-transaction system is already in place so I wouldn't imagine it would be terribly difficult to take advantage of it by offering all knew enticing aesthetic upgrades that would give us more customization options. It would be something else to do with all those extra crowns we cant figure out what to do with.

For example offer alternative skins for hero units or even advanced elite skins for standard units. Allow customizable flags for a price of crowns. Maybe new skins or building styles to purchase. or we could buy the option to "evolve" our existing units into more interesting alternative designs that would be functionally the same but have a unique appearance. Maybe instead of Mace men we could have fighting monks (still light infantry that do blunt damage but look totally different with different animations). There are lots of possibilities here and if other games are any indication people will sell their first born for the opportunity to look unique.

05-20-2013, 06:37 PM
you say no bug fixes no pathfinding.... but these are the issue that the game have.... atm plz dont add nothing just clean what we have.
wanna make more money? enchant graphics. drive the player in a colorful and immersive world!
this is the only way to make game better and have more resources to develop it.
the game have rly big potential but atm idk why is not used, i know lots ppl that abandon the game beacause they feel like in a beta.
i cant believe that none want finance the game.. Atm the "ip" that u develop isnt enought for the "2013 game market". we are in 2013 we cant allow that the game have such bugs and bad graphics after 2 months from the release even if indie game. the game cant allow like minecraft graphic beacause it's innovative but not so much how minecraft was for example.
i know that's hard but fix pathfinding change graphics engine add more effects in my opinion is the only way to climb the stairs of success for this game.

05-21-2013, 02:41 AM
A Special Unit for every Race different, like a Huge troll for the orcs, a Spirit/Forest Dragon got the elves, and Hill Giants for the men? they all would have been good at something like troll is very unaccurate and slow but does alot of damage and area affect. Spirit/forest dragon is like an improved dragon with more magic abbilities like ''teleport charge'' he teleports 3 time and goed faster and faster towards the taget with each teleport and rams in the taget as final blow for the abbility. Hill giants would be smaller then the troll and come in groups that does normal damage, is a bit slower but can/does wear armour that negates ALOT of damage and can throw boulders to make them good as tank/siege unit.

05-21-2013, 04:26 AM
I see a lot of good ideas, so keep them coming. Vind, callofbuty, and cyrusbm... many of your ideas are ideas or issues we know about like the plateau effect and city feels empty and needs decorations. Most of your guys ideas have already been brought up previously and will be in the works after more pressing matters like pathfinding and a few gamebreaking bugs are fixed. We are also trying to make the core hero aka " you " in game mounted or something to distinguish them.

Loving it so far guys :)

Edit: and axio... the reason I said please do not mention those things is because we already know that that is a major issue and that that should be dealt with first. We know no one wants to play a broken game! It just takes a few devs a little longer to tweak and fix things when you don't have a demi legion of devs like a giant company does. :) Thank you though!

05-22-2013, 06:03 AM
Thumbs up to all. Keep up the good work.

05-22-2013, 08:47 AM
I personally would like to add my support for a form of territory control in PvP, which could be integrated with the upcoming guild/clan system. It is a persistent world, but it presently feels like you have no real impact on it outside of your own city.

As for funding/advertising, my personal suggestion would be to get on side with a major MMO publisher such as Gamersfirst. Aswell as adding cosmetic options to the in-game store (for example being able to customize your banners.

05-22-2013, 08:01 PM
Hey guys and gals,
Only been playing for about a week. Saw DoF on steam and against better judgement based on reviews, I bought the game as it looked great.

"What would YOU like to see added..."

Well, simply put:

NO new features, NO new units, NO new buildings, NO 'new' anything.

Great game & great concept. Just please fix what you have first. You know what I'm talking about, the forums are full of bug/glitch reports etc etc.

Just my 2 cents worth. Let the fanboys begin dumping the hate upon me.


05-22-2013, 08:34 PM
No hate here... just sort of off topic. I know there's a bunch of things that need to be fixed and so do the devs. Which is what they are working on right now! This topic is just about what you would like to see added.

A form of that is planned for a later upgrade to the coming guild system Gshank so you get your wish

05-23-2013, 03:00 AM
I agree.

The bug fixes should be the priority right now.

05-25-2013, 02:49 AM
Territory control in PvP is definetly the way to go, guild based ofcourse, so you can compete with other players. Also another thing I would like to see added with the guild feature is for the guild leader to be able to build a guild city.

Now you probably think.. a guild city, what is that good for?

How about this, members will be able to contribute resources to the guild city, this would work the same was as bringing resources from city to city, then in this guild city you can build 3 layers of walls and there should be a mercenary camp and a daily upkeep to be paid.

Now this guild city can be used to combat other guild cities of different guilds, they can attack your guild city too. Every battle you win would earn you x amount + 10% of the opponents guild wealth.
This wealth will be displayed in a public ranking system which would rank guilds by the amount of wealth they have.

This will make pvp really competetive and would also make the bigger/better guilds stand out more and basically have a target painted on their backs. Causing more pvp fights and a more competetive scene.

Now this would bring some issues, so to solve them right away: there should be a 2 hour cooldown between fights, you can use guild wealth to buy immunity for a certain period of time, but the cost would have to be paid in %, so that the rich guilds will think twice before buying it.

There will be friends who create guilds and then attack eachothers cities for wealth, why this won't cause an issue: they have to bring a minimum amount of troops to battle, their wealth wouldn't display the strength the guild really has , if they get boosted up in wealth, other guilds will start to attack them too, and those guilds most likely have the forces and strategy to deal with them easily since they aren't used to actual combat and are at an amount of wealth (rank) where they dont belong.

You can only challenge guilds within a 25% wealth range of your wealth ( this doesnt kick in untill the guild city has reached 25.000 wealth to avoid the difference to be to small to get a challenge in the early stage).

Now for the combat:
You can attack with up to 4 players and defend with up to 4 players, the attacker makes a party beforehand, and the defenders is simply first come first serve, they need to have an army standing on top of the guild city to be able to join in.

There have to be atleast 4 people in the defenders guild online to be able to attack their city.

The army will be devided like this: a max of 100 units in the battle, divided by the amount of players, so if your with 4 people, each player gets to put a force in of 25 units. 3 people would be each player with 33 units and so on.

I dont know what values the actual servers can handle and how many people they can handle in a battle, but I am just using these number to give an example to make the combat fair.

Now to make this wealth system more interesting:
Only can be earned trough battle with other guilds,
losing can cost you 10% of all your wealth,
Can be spend on longer protection (will cost x+ x% amount of wealth)
A ranking system that takes track of all guilds based on wealth.
A research building within the guild house that you can spend the wealth in,
This researches certain unique defense buildings/traps (input ideas here) for very high cost that would require your guild to work together to build.
Researches for small bonusses of stats (hp, damage,defense) that will only work within the guild city. Not in attacks, this is ment to give the defender a small advantage and to make a fight more dangerous even if an attacking guild has the upper hand.

Summary of battle plan(numbers can be changed):
4 guildies from the defender have to be online to be able to be attacked.
max 4 attackers
When an enemy guild attacks you have 15 minutes to prepare defences.
defenders decide who defends the city between the 15 minute mark and 5 minute mark, after this no other guildies can join in to defend.
Defenders have to put their armies on top of the guild city and have to swap their units into the city 5 minutes before battle.
This is done so that the max army population gets devided properly, if you would do it earlier you wouldn't know if your defending with 2 or 4 people for example.
Amount of defending units should be 100 / amount of players for each player.
Attackers should be with atleast 4 people to fight. This to avoid guilds with only 1 player attacking other guilds with a full army while they themselves can never be attacked.
Guild alliance would also be cool, being able to ally other guilds and helping eachother in combat when neccesary.

More ideas if possible:
If territory control gets added you could make it that a guild can build a guild city in each territory to expand their control, these cities could be the targer of enemy guilds,and when they are succesfully conquered the enemy guilds gains that territory and starts with a city from scratch.

To make this work you could divide the whole map up in more smaller guild territories, and add a empty guild city in every territory. So guilds will have to compete to get the cities and actually need to try and keep the cities to be able to keep on going up in the rankings.

Now there is 1 overlooked issue, ghost cities. Guilds that once conquered a city but then never had 4 players online anymore making the town sort of invulnerable to attacks.

solution: If a town hasn't been attacked for 2 days, it will be open to attack 24/7 despite the number of defenders online, this not only solves the ghost town issue, but also cause the more powerful guilds who never get attacked because they are too strong to be on their toes because they could be attacked 24/7 even if they dont have all their players on.

Note that you can also only buy 3 days of protection max each week, this is to stop guilds from turtling and 3 days should be enough to get a nice defense force going.

Now one last issue I noticed, what if a guild doesn't own a city because it got conquered but they are the number 1 guild, will they stay there for like forever untill someone else gets there?

The answer is : for each day you don't own a city as a guild, you lose 5% of your wealth. This will stop the turtlers and make people actually try to conquer a city more likely, because they dont want to go down too much in rank.

Now 1 final thing to mention, it would be nice if the guild cities all show up on the actual world map, so people will have to walk there to start a fight or to defend it. Ofcourse you wouldn't see your opponents army, but this would make the guilds scatter their armies more over the map, making it harder to be both on the offensive and defensive.

This is quite the list and I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't make it into the game, or if it would take ages to make it into the game. But its just my 2 cents of what I think is a great idea.

I probably overlooked things, or I might be contradicting myself here and there, but I put my final thoughts in the summary. All numbers ofcourse are open for discussion. I would just like to know what you guys think about this idea.

05-28-2013, 04:10 AM
I imagine a conquerable territory, divided in regions with resources, quests and NPC trade cities.
Guilds can create an alliance and build control towers -> cities -> citadels to control each territory.
A net of controlled territories can give the sovereignty of a big region (kingdom) to the alliance the guilds are in, giving access to all the resources of that region.
Guilds have to conquer the net to make the territories first contested and then, after days, conquered and then take the region.
Alliance can spread the income of the kingdom to all the guilds, due to the importance of the guild owned territory (river, mountain, ecc.), the size of the guild army, ecc.
Guilds armies can siege castles for days, cutting off resources until the death of the sieged armies, or assaulting the remaining army with many losses. Sieged guilds can instead wait for allies’ help, or do a raid in the night to break the siege.
It would be good to see mercenary companies too, that fight for gold or a castle.

06-01-2013, 02:23 PM
I've said it since before the game even launched, but we really need to be able to customize our main Hero. As it stands there is really nothing connecting me to the game. That is why I haven't played much. It is a decent RTS, but there isn't much MMO in it other than being persistent.

Being able to get trinkets, weapons, armor, mounts, pets, etc. for my hero would actually bring me into the game, and want to play it since I would feel connected to it. As it is now I just have a bunch little pixels running around doing my bidding.

02-05-2014, 04:47 AM
I would not mind seeing a command which allowed our units to better stack on a wall for keep defense. I wish my units could look as sexy standing on my walls as do the NPC guards at other cities do.

02-05-2014, 11:05 AM
Would be great to have pve homeland defence. So if you start war with npc town it can send an army to your homeland. Randomly or with timer. Like in single player kingdom wars. So there will be a reason to make alliance via diplomacy or conquer. Not just for crowns.

02-06-2014, 12:39 AM
For me my suggestions are
1.Being able to select multiple buildings at once (so if i have like 5 stables or something and i select all 5 i can click 5 times so all the stables start creating a unit)
2.NPC Towns you're at war with being able to attack you (it would feel more like you're at war with them if they actually send stuff to attack you)
3.Attack move not randomly turning off :( i don't like it when i charge my guys into the enemy and they run past them all taking free damage and i notice that attack move is turned off somehow.
4.Customized outfits/weapons for hero units, It would give more life to your hero which seems kind of boring on it's own like maybe add customizable clothing/weapons that you can make yourself like pixelart etc.

02-20-2014, 05:27 AM
Hero mounts and baggage trains that support and supply the armies they follow, camp followers, whores, etc. Making it a target for specific pvp win-loss conditions. Lets not forget about pirates!

`yar shiver me timbers for that there rum`- last words of Gutrot Grox the orc sailer

03-15-2014, 09:43 AM
Here is a list of thinks I would like to see.
1. Ability to customize your leader: Name, Gender, Choice of cosmetic skins. I would be willing to buy these through a cash shop.
2. Rescale the unit models: The units are way out of scale with the buildings and for some reason this just bugs the heck out of me. Please reduce their size by at least 25%
3. Decorative objects for cities. Things like statues fountains and banners. Again something I would buy in a cash shop.
4. Personalized heraldry: The ability to choose from pre made designs and colors or maybe even a tool to make our own.
5. More NPC monsters and races: I'd love to be able to hire gnolls barbarians centaurs etc. as mercenaries.

03-15-2014, 11:29 AM
great ideas folks! the devs will be looking into making some of those :) i support some of them aswell! keep it up


03-15-2014, 01:13 PM
Well first of all this multiplayer features:

And try to fix everything from what you've already done which is great :)

Then about dwarves and other races:

hotkeys for some abilities and actions/selections, so you can respond faster to a threat.

A way to know the actual maximum range for long range units (when selected, a circle could appear)

kickstarter could be a great source to get funded and make advertisment of the game

I would like to be bale to place walls and buildings wherever i want, but that still seems not posible yet, so well maybe something related with the scenario editor could be done here (Multiplayer matches on custom maps?)

Sending resources and units to other players.

I would like to see some kind of necromancer unit that summons the dead units of a battlefield (maybe undead could be an entyre new faction)

A way to program a ''stop producing food when it reaches X, and wood when it reaches x. so the rest of the total amount of resources you will have are either gold or stone.

keep the game progressive and appealing. Never stop making new content, this is part of the MMO genre.

It is a persistent world, but it presently feels like you have no real impact on it outside of your own city. Players actions hould have consequences in the world.

the guild leader to be able to build a guild city. Now this guild city can be used to combat other guild cities of different guilds, they can attack your guild city too. Every battle you win would earn you x amount + 10% of the opponents guild wealth. up to 4 vs 4 player battles.

make the world map bigger, with more strongholds and castles. With the new expansion, this probably would be widely welcomed. Also you could place a new continent at the other side of the great sea, along with yet to be released naval and sea battles.

Changes on the unit interface, for example I would like to be able to select all my units on the battlefield, because the number of units I can select at the same time is limited. Also I would like to see where my units are going to be positioned when I keep pressing right click and I select the direction they should face (similar to total war).

03-15-2014, 09:41 PM
updated user interface

03-16-2014, 12:16 PM
updated user interface
OH MAN would that be nice! I'll definitely bring up this and hopefully we can streamline it a bit!

03-16-2014, 03:13 PM
updated user interface

OH MAN would that be nice! I'll definitely bring up this and hopefully we can streamline it a bit!

to go a little further with that feature:

[...] Changes on the unit interface, for example I would like to be able to select all my units on the battlefield, because the number of units I can select at the same time is limited. Also I would like to see where my units are going to be positioned when I keep pressing right click and I select the direction they should face after moving (similar to total war).

And with the new empire expansion, which allows players to conquer towns and castles from the world. I would like another addition of it, what if apart from these towns and cities, new npc neutral settlements appeared? Guilds would try to capture and defense these as they would bring some kind of bonuses to all the guild members. Guild would be able to createtheir own guild city there.

03-16-2014, 06:07 PM
update Alliances: Bring more purpose into being in an alliance by letting leaders create ranks for their members and selcet more officers to maintain the alliance.
Also give purpose to the Alliance Hall.
Lastly Alliance's should be able to fight over territory against other alliances on map and which ever alliance owns the territory, all the members in that alliance can get resorces, buy stuff thats cheaper their then any other town, train troops for lower cost. All awards for winning the territory, and have a time limit before another alliance can lay siege to the territory again.

03-16-2014, 06:08 PM
Dear Dev's,

I have a few request for the alliance menu that could help us become better, small updates like this is what makes or breaks a game.

1) Please add a section where you can see the last time a alliance member was online in the alliance tab.

2) Please add a section that shows how may crowns a alliance member has donated and how many crowns has been rewarded to the member from the alliance.

I think these two updates would be wonders for the game.

Konstantin Fomenko
03-17-2014, 01:01 PM
Looks like the alliance update requests are topping the list for now, we`ll be sure to concentrate on this after the Empire release. We won`t forget about the GUI as well:)