View Full Version : Armies Disappeared. Main Heroes Died forever. The war lost through godly powers.

05-04-2013, 10:48 PM
Logging in after the recent patch I've noticed that something terrible has happened. I first logged into my Elven Kingdom......2862 all my armies are dead, 5 of my 9 armies shown above are empty and not shown in profile either anymore. I lost my PvP Armies, my 6x60 Royal Dragon army, countless reinforcement armies. Millions of Gold and sure close to a thousand crowns. Even my Main hero died, The highlighted army to the left of the screenshot was my main heroes army, It's empty now too... interacting with those armies shows an empty screen and makes the game bug because you cant do anything anymore and have to crash it.

Not believing what I saw I relogged and checked my orcs......2863. Even worse here. 8 of 9 Armies are gone, again Millions of Gold and probably thousands of crowns, I had hero only armies here, Dwarven armies , 50 x lvl 20 ogre army, a close to full lvl 20 berserker and slayer army etc. I cant even measure up what I had with such huge loses. Most of the armies here had 2k+ Strength. Well luckily at least my Hero is alive here....

Logging onto my humans the same thing. 2864 3 of 7 armies gone here. The hero is missing in action, probably dead. At least 2 remotely big armies survived the godly onslaught here....

Still. I can't give even a roughly estimate to the support about this. I can't even remotely calculate together what I lost. It's millions and millions of gold and thousands of crowns. Im at a bind here. If they ain't revived the war is over for me, slaughtered by the gods.

Little edit: I dont want to point any fingers here, but those bugs reappearing, those major database loses...etc. If one of your DEVs is intentionally sabotaging the game I would press criminal charges asap.

05-05-2013, 03:40 AM
Yes, this problem with dissapearing armies is known :( I'm really sorry for you loss.

Feel free to contact support@reverieworld.com for a refund. And i hope this will get fixed asap.

05-05-2013, 08:55 AM
Well I don't know where to begin if I would ask for a refund. It's not just 1 army or a few crowns or some ressources. It's kinda everything that's gone. Don't even know where to begin If I would write a list. Have to think about that some days

05-05-2013, 09:40 AM
How is it possible to have millions of gold?

I really don't like all these dissappearing armies stories btw. It takes a lot of the fun out of building something, knowing it can be gone the next time I log on.... I've only encountered minor losses myself, or at least I saw them as minor given the previous prices for levelling up.

05-05-2013, 08:31 PM
How is it possible to have millions of gold?

Well I was at at over 300h of gametimes I think. And I mean it as Millions of Gold that I put into units, not gold that I had anymore. I farmed Dragons in Sillistra nonstop with my orcs at one point, that yielded 27k gold and 13k food every 5 min with looter trait. Built up most of my Orc armies with that cash in hours of grind. Got 50 lvl 60 Ogres there, like 50 lvl 20 Berserkers and 30-40 lvl 20 Slayers, 20-30 dwarven battlers 20, only 5 axemen 20 cause I noticed they suck, a 15 hero army with heroes of each kind around lvl 50. My orcs were the richest I guess. Could be 10million gold or more. On Elves I just sticked to letting my 70-80 Dwarven miners dig the gold in my capital. Each time I logged in it was 100k gold plus some workcamps around the city, only PvPed with my Elves after and went back to capital to drop off the payout money every now and then. Alone the 6 x lvl 60 Royal Dragons were 720 crowns and 1.8mil gold. Armies even more then that with mostly lvl 20s grandmasters sentries enchanters etc. On humans it was a capital full of sheep. That didnt make that much thou, so my humans were the poorest of em. Think I had like 20 lvl 20 crossbows 20 lvl 20 swordsman 15 lvl 20 knights, 3 lvl 60 royal dragons and lotsa smaller stuff that I experimented with. But well over 2 Million gold too.

Well cant really say how much exactly. It's hard to remember everything and even harder to give an estimate of loss.

05-06-2013, 02:04 AM
Hi Laradon, I am so sorry about your loss.

Konstantin Fomenko
05-06-2013, 11:28 AM

Thank you so much for posting such a detailed report. It has finally helped us to solve this issue. The solution will be available either later tonight or tomorrow morning. There is a good chance all your armies will start working again - I`ll confirm this later on.

And also really sorry about the loss - please keep in mind either in-game Mods or via support@reverieworld.com everything will be completely reimbursed.

05-06-2013, 06:09 PM
Ye Laradon, that's what I'm afraid of if i log onto my humans or Orc's for the first time when this patch came out, its only occurred on my Elf's (was on my Elf's at the time), and i don't want this problem to spread to my humans or Orc's so i haven't touched them ever since the patch :)

Nor have logged in since the problem first occurred. :p

But then again you have a much bigger loss then mine, which that lose would make me quit to be honest. All them hours put into that and to lose it all with one bugged patch, ye i feel for you :(

Well lets hope its fixed sooner then later shall we. :)

Always look on the brighter side of life. :D