View Full Version : units are disappeared again, hlep please

05-04-2013, 09:15 PM
My main units were disappeared and I was waiting for a day to get refund.
And now my units are gone again! just the same bug, no chat window showing up, cant see a small window at lower left side of the screen when I click cmap grounds...
I have played this game for 6 hours everyday for a month having fun, but I am getting tired of these kind of the constant problem. I just don't feel safe to log out the game because I don't know what problems I will find on my account next time when I log on. I could get refund but there is a high possibility of the same problem.
Please help me to solve this problem

05-05-2013, 03:36 AM
About chat problem, try this:

To fix this you would need to delete the Local Saved Data File
1) Click on the organizer button in any folder. And select Folder and Search options. Go to view, and under Hidden Files and Folders, or Drives - click show hidden files.
2) Now navigate to C:/users/YOUR USERNAME/AppData/local/DoF/
3) In that file, locate and delete file called local_saved_data

About lost units - i'm sorry for your loss, i believe i was the one who gave you refund yesterday. Feel free to ask any ingame mod for a refund, again. :(