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04-29-2013, 09:29 AM
Hello, I'd like to say this game is great and has amazing potential so I want to add my input to perhaps improve the game. So far I've only gotten to try the humans (wold). So my experience is limited to this.

-Human manor at level 3 to 4- once 90 population has been reached, additional houses queued will consume wood and create more houses but does not increase the cap. Intended or not just something that seems very odd. At least if the cap is reached further queues should not enable resource consumption.

-Unit upgrades- once the cap has been reached for any particular category, further upgrade will consume the skill point with no stat gain.

-Your hero unit should not consume pop.- It makes it very frustrating early game trying to quest and produce units/houses, while constantly being at pop cap, and having to move the hero back and forth between town and army.

-New stance- "defensive stance" units will engage within line of sight and pursue within a small radius. I find that between the two available stances, "stand ground" and "aggressive?", there needs a stance that is an a combination of the two for more battle field control and all around usefulness. Too often I need my swordsman to defend my archers but engage too early and chase too far. Or better yet a mechanic where you can draw or choose the radius a particular unit is allowed to engage and chase, this will be ideal and extremely useful.

-Marketplace- the trading is very clunky, perhaps a better interface for selling and buying goods from the market building. With denominations like when transferring goods between army and town or when trading directly with npc towns.

-Season Indicator- Since seasons change and affect the economy, can we have some kind of calendar or clock?

-More and varied sounds effects- More sword clanks and mace thuds. Arrow flight sounds would be excellent too. This adds so much like older medieval favorites like Age of Empires 2, you guys get the idea. This game has so many great aesthetics, more is always better.

I understand you guys are working hard to improve every aspect of the game and some of these suggestions may be on your list to do's, if at all I hope these helped. Thanks for reading any feedback is welcome.

btw this game rocks. im keeping a close eye on you devs.

04-29-2013, 11:23 AM
Just came to note that there is a limit to the amount of houses you can have.
And there is also a good reason to reach that limit.
And extraordinarily good reason to reach it.

I'll leave that as it is. Someone will surely tell you why it's good to keep building more houses.

Therefore it is not a bug.

But mostly i do agree on the Market buildings nonfunctionality.
It is hideous and terrible and makes me impotent.

04-29-2013, 11:54 AM
Now that you hinted towards I understand they add a nice aesthetic feel to your town and also in times of siege they offer more things to burn down, I get it now. It would be nice or perhaps made obvious of the population cap and further investments do not increase the hard cap.

In any case I have plenty of wood to burn, more houses it is.