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04-27-2013, 11:31 PM
My orc castle has been upgraded for about a day now. However only portions of the wall have been upgraded to solid wall portions. Other parts are still palisade walls. I click on the palisade portions and they seem to be -1 point in health. I repair them, however it doesnt seem to make any difference. I've tried repairing entire sections of the palisade, but still dont get an option to upgrade. I double checked the upgrade option, trying to upgrade the entire wall again, but its grayed out now.

I'd also request that until the bugs have been mostly fixed, that penalties for losing in combat be removed. For example, I was sieging a castle, I set guards over my catapults to protect them from relief forces. I set the rest of my army in the direct of path of where the relief forces were going to come from.

The relief forces appeared, my first set of troops stood there and aimlessly twitched. The relief forces promptly rode around them (I had set my army to the single attack everything option). The relief forces ignored the guards I had set over the catapults and set to demolishing said catapults and ram. Meanwhile, I'm clicking madly, trying to get my troops to attack the relief forces, to no avail. Half of my army fights, the other half stands there, slack-jawed, doing nothing.

Thankfully, my siege camp has a siege factory. Unfortunately, you have to bring wood and gold with you to the siege to get it to work.

So I wipe out the relief forces, but now have no siege equipment to take the castle. Now I lose my troops, because I'm left with no option but to withdraw, even though I didnt lose one troop to actual fighting.

Sure there should be a penalty for losing a fight. But if theres going to be a penalty, there should also be a warning before the scenario begins, that there is a siege engine, but bring resources. Also, you may lose troops if you withdraw. Bring some gold with you for penalties. Or maybe make the penalty more like a ransom, where your home city can pay the penalty for you, if your home city has sufficient gold.

None of this would be overwhelming, if my army could crawl at more than a snail's pace. Now I have to march all the way across the world to get home, so that I can build more siege engines, collect some gold and wood, so that I can build new siege engines if necessary. Then painstakingly crawl all the way across the world again.

04-28-2013, 08:01 AM
Just found the post from 4/14, showing the desert orc castle. Apparently, its supposed to look half done.

Apologies for the incorrect post. Otherwise, having a great time playing the game. Thanks.