View Full Version : Units refusing to follow commands

04-27-2013, 01:52 PM
For a while now when ever i go into a PVP match, my units will follow their orders for the first half of the battle, then after a while they will not move, activate any abilities, they wont even attack a certain person i tell them to, this has caused me to go on a massive loosing streak because my people cannot properly fight, i didn't have any siege and some people said that the siege units cause this problem but i did not have them in the army last night or this morning, i am loosing a lot of units and units i paid crowns for such as a high knight that was killed because i couldn't tell him to heal himself, if any one knows how i can fix this please tell me its getting frustrating to where i have to keep making my army, buying new units with crowns all so that one person could get a easy win cause i cant move my units, if you can please help me fix this.