View Full Version : What seems to trigger the regeneration bug in combat.

04-23-2013, 11:49 AM
So after I had a serious disadvantage in a pvp match, because my units stopped regenerating I tried to find out what triggered it. I started by letting some of my Bladestorms get eaten by a carnivorous plant. 2777 It ate a few of em. 2778, then they started reging, but they stopped regenerating after a few units were revived.2779 here a few minutes later, still the same health. 2780.

Thats why some people thought enchanters triggered the regeneration bug, because enchanters instantly revive some units and then they stop regenerating. This is a bug that messed up several high end fights for me in pvp. Like once i clashed with a guy who got a lvl 20 units elven army like me. We fought for a long time and then I retreated to reg up. The next clash ended really quick because my units didn't regenerate anymore. Took the fun out of it alot.

04-24-2013, 03:46 AM
This isn't always the case though, I have had units lose most of their men and regenerate all their health and members fine. If regen breaks this way as well it seems we are no closer to finding the cause. :(

04-24-2013, 05:39 AM
Yes can't really say what causes it. Did some more tests with goblins. Some of em died and I let em reg up to full again. First thing that I noticed was, that they didnt reg in 10 HP/s steps anymore after some time, but regged very strange numbers. Also after they regged fully. this problem occured. This time not HP missing but extra HP. 278727882789. Guess it's more HP related to how many goblins died and revived in the squad.

Also did another test related to the strange numbers the units started to regenerate. I rode over some Pikeman in Viewmode to evenly damage these knights. 2790.
After some time they started regenerating strange numbers too. It was not 10hp/s per unit anymore, but something different.

04-24-2013, 09:08 AM
This bug is affecting anything for me now, any unit regs over their HP limit if they lost soldiers. Any unit is regenerating wrong numbers after combat usage, rendering regeneration nearly useless if some units on the squad are affected by this bug.

Brian Shingles
04-24-2013, 12:47 PM
Laradon, could you post your latest logs so I can see what is causing this?

04-24-2013, 01:13 PM
Here :) 28062807280828092810

The only thing I found strange is, that the Hitpointcap is sometimes messed up, units I lvld the same way have different values there, while I think they should always be the same?

like here

LOGONLY: Scn CallBack.SpawnBattalion(playerID=1, WMID=340, template=Men-Units-Swordsman Battalion, health=[1275|1645|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100| 1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100], memberCap=20)
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.ChangeBattalionAttributes(playerID=1, WMID=340, attribs={[FatigueCapUpgrade|0]|[Level|20]|[CrushResistUpgrade|5]|[Exp|0]|[ExpCap|600]|[HitPointUpgrade|11]|[HealRateUpgrade|10]|[Members|20]|[Skill|0]|[DamageUpgrade|21]|[FletchingUpgrade|0]|[GatherRate|0]|[MemberCap|20]|[PierceResistUpgrade|5]|[SlashResistUpgrade|5]|[HitPoints|22720]|[HitPointCap|1155]|[armyID|11]|[ImprovedEyesUpgrade|0]})
LOGONLY: Scn CallBack.SpawnBattalion(playerID=1, WMID=341, template=Men-Units-Swordsman Battalion, health=[1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100| 1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100], memberCap=20)
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.ChangeBattalionAttributes(playerID=1, WMID=341, attribs={[FatigueCapUpgrade|0]|[Level|20]|[CrushResistUpgrade|5]|[Exp|0]|[ExpCap|600]|[HitPointUpgrade|11]|[HealRateUpgrade|10]|[Members|20]|[Skill|0]|[DamageUpgrade|21]|[FletchingUpgrade|0]|[GatherRate|0]|[MemberCap|20]|[PierceResistUpgrade|5]|[SlashResistUpgrade|5]|[HitPoints|22000]|[HitPointCap|1050]|[armyID|11]|[ImprovedEyesUpgrade|0]})
LOGONLY: Scn CallBack.SpawnBattalion(playerID=1, WMID=342, template=Men-Units-Swordsman Battalion, health=[1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100| 1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100], memberCap=20)
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.ChangeBattalionAttributes(playerID=1, WMID=342, attribs={[FatigueCapUpgrade|0]|[Level|20]|[CrushResistUpgrade|5]|[Exp|0]|[ExpCap|600]|[HitPointUpgrade|11]|[HealRateUpgrade|10]|[Members|17]|[Skill|0]|[DamageUpgrade|21]|[FletchingUpgrade|0]|[GatherRate|0]|[MemberCap|20]|[PierceResistUpgrade|5]|[SlashResistUpgrade|5]|[HitPoints|18700]|[HitPointCap|1050]|[armyID|11]|[ImprovedEyesUpgrade|0]})
LOGONLY: Scn CallBack.SpawnBattalion(playerID=1, WMID=343, template=Men-Units-Swordsman Battalion, health=[1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100| 1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100|1100], memberCap=20)
LOGONLY: SCN CallBack.ChangeBattalionAttributes(playerID=1, WMID=343, attribs={[FatigueCapUpgrade|0]|[Level|20]|[CrushResistUpgrade|5]|[Exp|0]|[ExpCap|600]|[HitPointUpgrade|11]|[HealRateUpgrade|10]|[Members|19]|[Skill|0]|[DamageUpgrade|21]|[FletchingUpgrade|0]|[GatherRate|0]|[MemberCap|20]|[PierceResistUpgrade|5]|[SlashResistUpgrade|5]|[HitPoints|20900]|[HitPointCap|1050]|[armyID|11]|[ImprovedEyesUpgrade|0]})

The first battalion has 2 swordsman with 1275 and 1645 HP and the hitpointcap is 1155 instead of 1050 <- which is strange again as they should have 1100 all? ;)