View Full Version : High lv unit degenaration

04-21-2013, 07:52 AM
i trained my self 3 groups of lv 15 Rangers to experiement with range, damage etc.

i noticed that when i have them in my home town or get sieged their attack drops like 80%, this is NOT a screenbug as i verified that with a friend. my lv 15 ranger really only do damage as if they where like lv 2 with 3 points in damage in it.
i suspect there is a problem when you max out your damage in units. my lv 5 rangers where fine and not "losing" any attack.
if i want to "reset" them it is enough to take them out of my city and put them back in. however they will experience this mystery attack loss again. all other stats seems fine...
a human friend had the same problem with crossbowmen btw.