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04-19-2013, 05:22 PM
As everyone has seen pvp alliances are coming. We are told they will hold many benefits, such as community bank etc. Although the bond may offer such benefits by default. The protection an alliance will offer is simply up to the strength of the guild's administration as well as their devotion. I look to unite players of all strategy type and species under the allegiance of a practical republic. I wish to build an unstoppable force that will hold the control and commerce of Mythador. A benefit such a republic will provide is a camped army of great strength in each region including uncivilized lands, such as Sssilistra. As well as equal distribution of resources including gold. This will give members the option to explore the realm without diminishing opposition. I am here today to ask for the oath of inspired guild members. Though i am not to devote myself to an unlikely cause. If by Monday 4/22, 100 noble men of Mythador come forward to swear their allegiance to such an incredible task. Then i will begin by placing an unprecedented army in each civilized region within one week, as well as a small gift of 5,000 gold to each prospective member. We not only speak of creating the first alliance but the extreme governing republic of all guilds. May the Kinli Republic arise!

P.S: Happy 4/20 to all

04-19-2013, 11:39 PM
Team Bacon, will own all! Just join our community on steam!