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04-16-2013, 01:41 PM
here is a list of current bugs Ive encountered as Orc

- Disappearing walls (log out and back in some walls disappear, go into battle and come back some walls disappear)

- invisible gates ( i recently upgrated my gates on my walls to large ones and they are completely invisible but i can open and close them)

- walls not completing (the walls for the fortress upgrade will not complete. once the disappeared walls are rebuilt using resources, every time the continue wall construction button disappears and the walls will not be built)

- inability to make mounted units (this happened once where i was unable to make mounted orc units from the warg pit after talking to a dev a temp fix was to rebuild warg pit, this means any building upgrades are lost.)

- stupid units (while unit pathing issues is known i dont see any talk about archers and catapults shooting walls and things in front of them. these units fir hitting those obstructions and sometimes setting them on fire killing themselves, while annoying it is avoidable but still units should automatically move for a better view)

i have won a few sieges and even successfully defended my city, i can not recall ever getting the crown rewards it shows when i select the fight option. the most ive ever gotten was 2 even if it shows 5-7. i would assume the possible amounts are minimum reward to max reward regardless of win or lose, if not this needs to be edited to show properly in game.

04-16-2013, 01:54 PM
screen shot of invisible gate attached