View Full Version : Too little space 4 dragon inside the castle

04-16-2013, 06:20 AM
I bought an Black Dragon...paying 120 crowns.

After I build stone wall around my whole city, I practiced defending my city especially focused on how I can use my precious Mortal Dragon.

But... Is that a Bug ??
Not to speak of placing the dragon on the city wall or behind the gate impossible, my dragon can't move inside the citywall. I mean even if there's sufficient room inside the wall for my dragon size, He(or She) can move and place !!!! (Of course, a litte movement is possible... a little.)

To use Dragon for defending the city, Dragon can move, and shoud move left and right, back n forth, at least !!!!!!

* I bought an extra buliding plot too. and there's a few empty building plots inside the city wall.
Could that be a matter of placing the Dragon ?