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04-15-2013, 02:33 AM
Neutral monsters

Neutral monster controll


More than once i lost units to wolves on low levels, sometimes dwarven miners, because i was not on screen when they got ganked. Some of you would advise to use archers, on low levels wolves eat archers for breakfeast and ask for seconds. And if you use a mee unit it will strand of to god knows where and your miners will be eaten up soon enough.


Add a building that take up to maximum 5 population but enables you to have allmost 100% pasive smaller pest contol, such as wolves. So you will not worry about your miners.


Add many more neutral monsters and ability for them to have nests (an interactive cave/other that takes you to a new location where you must kill all neutrals)

What is needed to have this ingame?

1) much increased area that you have your city in. I meen like 1000% more - much more place for all those neutrals. And it enables more valid strategies for pvp.

2) Posibility to warp from 1 location to another - click on cave - enter cave with all selected/near units

What does this give us?

Micro management of our castle - we will not ignore neutrals or they will lay a nest and spawn more powerfull neutrals that wil constantly harras us.


Add much much more neutrals:

generic/all areas

Zombie/basilisc/dragon/raiders/bandits/renegades (all races)/spiders/demons /generic to the regon/vampires/ogres[wild ones]/elementals/snakes

Forest specific neutrals

Satyr/warewolves/sprites/all manaer of ferie folk/

Moutain specific neutrals:

Wild dwarven folk/troglodytes/Yeti/huge birds/

Swamp generic neutrals:

Aligators and or crocodyles, some man/orc/elf eating plants (this is a courious one imagine an slowly but infinitely growing infestation of weeds that eats up ur units)

Desert generic neutrals:

Gigant scorpions/huge worms that move underground and lie dorman in they lay-like dends waiting for unaware pesants that will pass their lair, only to be dovoured by its mighty jaws and ripped apart by its tentacles./

Allow us to build other races buildings once we have their laborers (other races units would have to be crazy expensive thou)

Npc trainers will only train units of their own race

heroes and dragons cannot level up by npc

Allow all terrains for all races /eg. elf human on desert would be called Human/Elf - Nomad

I will update this tread one i get a new idea, i had more but i forgot them by now :)


How come unit lv 60 takes up same space in an army as a unit lv 1

yes i know that its army strenght that decides on mm, but maybe think about putting up limits for armies in SIZES /small/med/big/huge eg, a 40 knights lv 20 and fire dragon lv 60 and 2 heroes lv 60 would be a huge army - /furthermore i would suggest that with strenght of a squad its SIZE would increase, lets say start off with 5 or 8 swordsman and on max lv x 20 the size - allow pvp to be MM'ed by army size and strenght - allow player to manualy decide if we want to level a unit up

Update #2

Ice dragon has no ranged attack, i get that he can put out fires, werry usefull, but why not add a 1.0 second stun ranged attack or an ranged aoe slow? Another idea is - to his breath add mov. slow.

green dragon suggestion - poison as his attribute, no fire damage, just aoe poison - stronger as he levels up

Black dragon suggestion - black flame - just a retexture mb with slow or a stats debuff

for all units - Add a "Charge" stat - self epxplainatory - a valid charge can do alot of damage to a squad

Update 3

Worker Camps

Enable an auto travel for carts from a 50 man work camp so they can auto haul gold/other resources from camp to city - as managing 9 camps in painfull


9 worker camps have 20 workers 20 mil units and 10 carts - possibility to have X of them (lets say 5) go back to the city and drop off resources per 1000/2000/5000 et units of given resource

Seperate population limits for military livestock and for general populus - pessants.

AI sieges you :) <- taken from steam forums Moosegun's idea

What do you think about this?

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bumty / updated

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for the glory of Bump


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bump - updated

04-21-2013, 11:12 PM
I really like where you're going with this Highlander. We could definitively use some more content to play around with in our main city.

Brian Shingles
04-22-2013, 10:27 AM
I like some of the suggestions, but things like making towns 1000% bigger wouldn't be workable as it would badly affect performance.

Let's see what other players have to say about your suggestions.

04-25-2013, 01:52 PM
more content is always a win. Random events that require player interaction are also a plus. As things stand, my town is stagnant, nothing to worry about, it just runs itself. Random attacks from dragons or armies would be good, especially if the reward made it worth the impact.