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04-11-2013, 05:24 AM
Hi guys,

Getting Dof crashes and other crashes.

Some in siege battles, some wandering through a town, others looking at the world map and so on. Also have always been 'outof sync' so haven't been able to do any pvp battles. Crashes used to be rare, now seem to be almost always and many times in the loading screen for a battle.

Yesterday the few battles I had, the enemy had no walls.

Heres the log files

04-11-2013, 06:16 AM

Thankyou for including your log files they are always useful in tracking down the issues. The Devs have already planned a few fixes to do with Crashes and Out of Sync.a Its planned to be released in Patch # 5 Tonight, so sit tight :D

04-11-2013, 03:13 PM
If your impatient or the issue persists Post-Patch.
In the directory you found your log files.
open config.fus (notepad)
find "AppSetting.DoThoroughOutofSyncCheck=false" as the last entry in the frist group. Change the value to true. You may lag periodically in large battles as this is the most intenst sync period but this has cleared up some peoples issues similar to yours. until patched.

04-12-2013, 01:21 AM
Thanks guys will try out that fix and cross my fingers for the patch :)