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04-11-2013, 03:46 AM
When playing large units (this technically applies to all races) and you choose to move say the cap of 16 at once, the game places a move to target flag on the ground at the point you choose.

As units are doing jobs for example harvesting trees or hunting they continue to do this in an automated fashion which with 90 units doing it can create a pretty dense fog of lag as the units try to work out how to reach a point that's already being used by other group(s).

So lets assume you have 6 units and they are all after the same tree, 1 or 2 of the units will reach the tree and begin to harvest, the other 4 units will surround them as they are unable to reach the inside of the harvest point and continue to seek a path to thier objective continuously until they are given a new command or job.
what impact does this have on play:
It basically makes 6 units idle as the first 2 units that actually reached the harvest point are full and attempting to get OUT of a surroundings 4 unit wall that continuously moves trying to get INTO the harvest point. (basically a constant cycle with neither of the 2 forms of units actually being able to complete this goal).

So here is where my suggestion comes into play, as server resources are valuable you may consider this for a pathing fix.

when the first 2 units reach the harvest point they are to continue as planned. when the next X amount of units (4 in the above example) attempt to reach the point but cant....simply set them to IDLE after say 5 attempts of not being able to reach the interior harvest area.

Or an even better system, after the 4 remaining units reach the point and then "realize they need to move elsewhere to reach the interior" (by placing another move flag) allow them to que the job X times. And if it fails they then DROP (by ignoring that job) for X minutes, and look for NEARBY similar tasks to complete.

This would basically make them auto seeking objective oriented units once assigned to a task.

Why would this help, it would destroy the current congestion that many harvestables get due to high worker counts, it would reduce strain on the server as you wouldn't have an infinite loop of workers attempting to complete a task they cannot complete and thus constantly replacing their move cycle and continuing the same null result objective.
it would also have players focus a tad more on how many units actually should be doing a job as too many would simply idle them.

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04-11-2013, 07:50 AM
Army lag fix has been the works for thousands of years