View Full Version : Several Bugs/exploits

04-06-2013, 05:41 PM
1. Lvling Dragonslayer: I lvld my Dragonslayer to 60 on orcs, while training him I encountered, that each time after i bought several lvls and went to combat the next lvl was x/4 xp, making him gain an instant free lvl after each training.

2. I sieged Denwall with Orcs and noticed that in the fight I had 2 more Slayers lvl 12 then usual, 2 of my Slayers were copied.

3. While using the defensive ability of the Dragonslayer who has 80/80/80 resist, the pierce resistance and the fire resistance both were reduced by 10 after the buff, leaving him to 80/80/70 and 80 fire resistance until I reloged.

4. forest spirits: I built massive amounts of forest spirits, i have around 70 now in my elftown to create wood. This lead to several problems. 4.1 After i had so many spirits, selecting my hometown on worldmap creates huge lagspikes every few secs, deselecting my hometown immediatly stops it. 4.2 after logging out for several hours and logging back in i noticed, that not enough wood was created, i had like 2k wood. With my forest spirits being ingame i have 2k wood after a few min. I even had more food then wood, and my food is created at a much slower rate when im ingame. So the offline gathering of wood through forest spirits might be bugged.

5. Buff stacking: I noticed an error while using buffs that enhance each other. Using the 2 Orc Hero buffs repeatly that enhance movement speed lead to more movement speed being added in the end and the number changed and changed always being sthg else and getting a bit higher.

Edit: 6. Ah yes, last and very important for me, as orc I have the gatherer trait, it should add 30% storage capacity to my units on world map armies. But it doesnt! I get the normal storage amount.

04-09-2013, 01:20 PM
Confirmed elves getting no offline ressources also for deers and other elf stuff. I Have not logged into my elftown for over a day. After i logged back in my town has created some 3500 wood with 80 forest spirits. Normally done in like 30 min. IMO its related to the wrong ressource gathering numbers. Forest spirits and their ressource plus is completely not shown etc.