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Skoda Zek
04-06-2013, 05:05 PM
Hey folks,

I am new to the game and community, (sort of). Actually funny story, I purchased DoF:KW quite a while ago prior to release and then completely forgot about it, never even played the game after registering my account. Today I decided to buy the game on steam, as I thought I had never heard of / seen the game before. Hah, now I own 2 copies (2 cd keys). I do not mind, think of it as bonus support for the developers.

I just finished the 4 tutorial missions and I must say I absolutely love what I am seeing so far. Yes the graphics are a little dated, but I do love the little details such as the blood/death effect of units as well as the units involved in a battle reflecting it with blood splatter/damaged armor/equipment, etc. These little things certainly add to the immersive nature of the game.

Alas, to the point and purpose of this thread. I have a high end system (GTX 680 SLI rig) and I would like to boost the graphics as best as possible. The in game graphics settings are very limited, and even if you choose custom profile it does not open any additional settings, so I just have it currently set to 'Highest', with Highest shadows and water as every box on the lower left checked. What I would like to know is if anyone knows of any out of game ways to tweak graphic settings further? ie, ini files and etc.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any assistance offered.

04-11-2013, 08:11 PM
You sir (madam if applicapable) are in luck just so happens i might have what your looking for though as always i recommend backing up these files before modifying them.

open with notepad or notepad++
Now i will get down a dirty with this.
DrawDistance type="float">2</DrawDistance Crank up to 4 thats the max that is available (stable)
Mr. (Mrs) SLI and your cuda cores should not have a issue with this
ShadowMapSize type="float">2048</ShadowMapSize crank up to 4096
The following two you can tweak little by little till you get it dialed in to where you want it. Maintain the format though (1.0 is more than likey to result in a full size reflection that may or may not overstep its boundaries.
WaterReflectScale type="float">0.75</WaterReflectScale
I am running a Crossfire 7970 rig and im having no issues.
If you are comfortable at this point then you can proceed to modify your view a little bit to take full advantage of your draw distance, change view angle, etc.
Main directory of Dawn of Fantasy file = config.fus
again open with notepad or notepad++
and you can tweak these till you dial it in how you want it.
if not Editor_Run then
-- AppSetting.EnablePointLights=true

"IF NOT EDITOR" = dof.exe (thus the game itself)
I also recommend you DO NOT TOUCH the DrawCollisionMapLevel