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04-06-2013, 04:15 PM
So, i was playing minding my own business, my main army got duelled by another player.
After the loading i saw my army, everything looked smooth and fine.

Then, when i clicked at my soldiers, the Little menu down in the ight hand corner was gone.
Could'nt use formations (Wich is crucial for humans), heals and abilities.

This was so extremely frustrating, the enemy archers had 50 more rage then me, so i was forced to charge in on him first (without formations etc) and lost.

The battle could be completely turned if i could set my archers on 30%+ range etc.

Had to relog to fix.


Archers on Towers

So this is when i put my archers on my towers, set em on formation i like( 30% range )
and try to fit everyone at the top (since half of them stand in the tower or the wall below)

But when i get attacked or relogged, half the archers in the groups is down on the wall, and the formation i set hem on has changed to the default.

Fixing all that in prep time and sorting other units around etc is hell.

Hope this can be fixed, then it would be alot smoother!

And this is just a suggestion. I heard that u can attack ppl that are around 10% of ur own size, i experienced that my second army got attacked, i got crushed.. i wanted retaliation and tried to attack with my main army, but it was too strong.

What is the point of getting "big" when u cant defend some lousy farmers camp that is outside ur town from newbies?

I saw a guy write in a post here, he mentioned Army Tiers/City Tiers. like 100-200 / 300-400 / 500 - 600 etc

And ur prob planning on this, some Stat / rank page, where u can see the strongest players, the players who have won the most/lost/ etc, would be really cool

something like that.