View Full Version : Speed Glitch

04-06-2013, 03:02 AM
Hey Devs,

just finished a siege of Darssen and had in total 3 of my 8 Catapults start gaining speed every second I played. By the end of the siege one was around 60k, another around 50k, and the last had started about 5 minutes from ending the siege so was only up to around 6k or so. This happened with me multiple times in the past with Ogres, as well as Treants and Battering Rams. This has occurred while playing both my Elven city and my Orcs. So far I have never seen it happen with any units other than siege units. Just wished to bring it to your attention, next time I will get a screen and attach it to this post. Also, I had tried to bring it to the attention of the moderator mat_290, which he stated I was lying and that it "wasn't possible". I do understand that some glitches that happen are odd and make no sense, please remind him of that as well considering the game does have a lot of glitches occurring at this time. I am also posting my log1 just in case it might be of use. Please let me know if you need anything else, thank you for making such a great game despite the glitches. I am definitely addicted to it.

- Flipped