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04-06-2013, 02:55 AM
- Hello. I am new to the game. I decided to pick up the game after reading a little bit about it on the steam forums and it looked interesting. The price was right too. Though I am sad that I apparently missed a promotion that I did not know existed if I bought it from you instead. Since I have no friends in game I guess I just missed out. I admire you leaving your publisher and sticking things out on your own. Keep it up!

- The game feels very beta phase like to me despite being out for awhile. I respect indie developers though and am not mad or disappointed by my purchase. The game has been fine so far for me. I have been playing for a few days now. I decided to go with elves. So all my experience thus far has been with elves only.

So I will give you my perspective and report a few bugs too. I do have a low end system right now though so I weigh that with my thoughts.

Here are the bugs. Some may be already fixed I am not sure so I will report everything I have seen:

- Garviola Plant: I have had weird size issues with this thing. Sometimes it has grown bigger than the biggest tree in the woods all the way down to what I think it should be. It seems to happen coming back from logging off, but I have also seen it coming back to my hone town from the world map.

- Mini map: The mini map seems broken to me. The one I am referring to is the one on the bottom right. I have only seen this glitch (appears to be anyway) when looking at it from a zoomed in site from the world map. Instead of appearing as it normally does there is a what looks like a paper world map background instead of the normal one. All the markings still appear as normal.

- Deer communion trait: I purchased this trait (the one that lowers deer cost) and the cost of my deer did not lower. They were still 44f 20g. Then about a day later I noticed they were 38f 19g. This was from me leveling the building though and not the trait I believe. So I saw no benefit from buying the trait as far as I could tell. (so the resources spent on it were wasted imo)

- Incorrect text: The description text on the elven residence says on every aspect (gold, wood, food) that it changes the house to trickle food. I am not sure if it is actually broken or just incorrect text (I think it is the latter).

- Icons disappearing: the army and home icons in the top left of the world map intermittently disappear on me. I am not sure what is causing it. The only way they seem to come back when they disappear is to go into a town and come out. This is rather annoying.

- Selecting issue: Sometimes while in my woods when I try to click on a building it seems I click on an invisible tree in the foreground and it will select it rather than the building I am clicking on. This is always some random tree that is in the foreground from where I actually am on the forest map.

- WAI? My formations of units always revert back to the stone formation. This get annoying as I then have to select them as a group or individually and reset it. If this is WAI it needs to change as it is very frustrating.

- R-click: We need to be able to change controls if we wish. This is especially true of the r-click to make the camera move/make units move. Too often I end up moving the camera. Now if I was in a big battle/important point this could very well end up screwing me over royally. So please change this.

I have had some crashes as well. The only one that effected me to any decent degree was in my 1st (and only) pvp attempt. Someone randomly attacked my town. So I decided to try and defend. Everything was going fine until about the middle of the battle. Then the game froze and I had to force the game to close and restart. After I did it appeared as though nothing had happened. I did not notice any unit casualties or dead bodies on the ground. I am not sure if I lost resources or not. Kinda sucked though as I was doing decent and had tons of bodies I could have looted. I have not tried pvp since.

As I stated before the game seems decent. The concept is cool, but the game needs some polish and fixes, as I am sure you are aware. Keep up the good work. I will try and write up a review as I play more.

04-10-2013, 05:19 AM
Bumping this as I would like an answer please.

04-10-2013, 05:22 AM
DEVs are already looking into most of known bugs and working on a fix. If they don't answer in a day or two, it doesn't mean they are not doing everything to fix mentioned bugs. :D

04-10-2013, 05:25 AM
I realize that. My thread got buried on page 2 quickly so I am not sure they have seen it yet.