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04-05-2013, 09:49 PM
Ok so like after paying almost 15 euros to get this game and playing it for about a week here's what i think.

THIS IS ONE HUGE JOKE. You can barely call this a GAME cause it really is not.
Now don't get me wrong. This title has a lot of potential and the whole concept got my hyped and all at start BUT.

WHY MAKE PEOPLE PAY FOR A PRODUCT U BARELY DELIVERING?. Cause this is FAR from complete in ANY sort of way. And yes i'm referring to the CONSTANT crushes, the inadequate (to say the LEAST) battle gameplay (like HUGE and MANY clunches,bugs, ******ED unresponsive unit clicking and controlling etc etc etc and SO ****ING on). And then u bring down servers every day to ''fix'' certain issues. Why not do that BEFORE U RELEASE THE GAME.

Cause i find it hard to believe u suck so much in a programming language knowledge to not realize the product u PUT ON STEAM is FAR FROM READY. Cause if u did, that means u blatantly try to rob peoples pockets with fake promises and shiny trailers. Which is very unprofessional to say the LEAST.

I'm sorry but while the idea behind this game is right the whole execution and approach towards the gaming community (i.e the people you're asking MONEY from) can only be described as RIDICULOUS (even in these forums a dev's answer is as scarce as an oasis in ****ing Sahara). I've seen open betas better than a ****ing green lighted steam product rofl sigh.

I will give this game another week at most for things to improve to a DECENT level of gaming experience above tetris. After than and if nothing gets improved i ll just cry over THE most gay 15 euros i ever spent on a game.

Final conclusion. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME except u wanna kill brain cells over a gazillion of imperfections OR if u got money to wipe in the toilet.

04-05-2013, 09:59 PM
Have you ever played a game before? You're saying every single game should come completely finished, and should never ever have anything to fix? I stopped reading after that ridiculous statement. Not to mention that you think that the devs are inactive. They're some of the most helpful, down to earth people I've seen in a game. Period.

04-05-2013, 10:24 PM
Sadly, people will complain about almost anything these days.

Changes are coming, the devs are working as hard as they can to get these the way they should be. Hopefully you comeback and things will be to your liking.

04-05-2013, 11:14 PM
Final conclusion. DO NOT READ THIS POST except u wanna kill brain cells over a gazillion of incoherent sentences OR if u got google translator.


Learn the difference between constructive criticism and *****ing.

tahW eht kcuf si siht tihs.

04-06-2013, 03:30 AM
he is totally right
this game is unstable from about his creation
They tried sell this game after beta, totally uncomplete, with promises to fix it fastly...
january 2012 was planned to introduce naval fight...read JANUARY 2012". people left fastly game coz full of bug and noob error cause of lack of experience.
they tried to take customers by greenlight, but game still suffer this bug swamp...

Be honest....this game is over your capacity, stop try steal funds, sell this game to a better team, u cannot manage this project...

04-06-2013, 04:04 AM
Guys, positive and constructive criticism is always welcome, but this is far from it.

First of all, this is indie company, as DEVs already stated few times. Only two of them are on full-time here.

Yes, game has numerous issues and bugs, but as you can see, they are working on them. Patches come out every few days, and issues are getting fixed. If you thought you going to get AAA+ game with state of the art graphics for 15$/€ then you were wrong.

What this game has is addictive gameplay. And great community. And by community i mean DEVs.

Fotonio, can you please explain why is approach to community ridiculous? I have never seen developers that were so involved like Reverie guys.

Btw, it's not really cool to suggest people not to buy this game based just on your own experience. Specially not like you did, with tons of swearing.


04-06-2013, 04:07 AM
Would you like some Cheese to that Whine ?

Last time I played an Completed Game was Super Mario back on Super Nintendo matey....
Anything after that was usually unfinished or had Bugs.

Difference is.
Usually those Bugged Games are sold as Finished Products for 50 Dollars and more.
And Community is completly ignored so if or what is done to fix something is decided by the Devs without even hearing the Community on it.

DoF surely is far away from being Finished.
But the Fact that theyre working on it and are actively listening to the Communitys Wishes and Discussing Issues and possible Improvements with them is worth 15 Euro easily.

You dont like it ?
Well matey then cya somewhere else.
Taste is not discussable you know.
So if you dont like it well thats your choice.

I for my Part would immediatly spend more Money on this Game if they would finally pick up some additional Payment Options for Crowns .....

04-06-2013, 06:28 AM
Raging much?

That Dawn of Fantasy is still under development isn't hidden from people who just do some little research. Nevertheless, it just means that there's more content coming out and that it can, and is only getting better. I stopped playing about half a year ago due to an "end game" situation, and when I come back, what do I find? Trillion bugs fixed, new features, and pretty much the whole game redone, jesus. The work that the dev team is doing at the moment is amazing. Plus the population ingame.

You've come here to just vent. If you dislike the game, too bad, I love it, 30 were paid here. The reason? This is one of the few games that worth paying for. 150 hours of fun and more to come.

04-06-2013, 07:56 AM
This game I would agree is not amazing, but it's potential to be amazing, is what makes me play this game. Just give it some time.

Brian Shingles
04-06-2013, 08:52 AM
We are aware the game has some bugs and server issues. Many of these were not apparent until we had so any people playing the game. We are working to fix them but can only really do so with constructive bug reports, which luckily many people are providing.

We welcome suggestions for improvements and have implemented many player suggestions, including unit ideas (for example - the Garviola and Body Piles were both player suggestions)

Our small team tries to respond to as many posts as we can in these forums as well as in our Steam group, which we look at daily. We also provide support via email (support@reverieworld.com) and in-game (although the new moderators are handling most of this side now).

04-06-2013, 10:28 AM
2003 a small group of ppl in iceland got a dream an idea of a space sandbox game they created eve online, i played it since 2004, it was full of bug, they where a small team with a dream no money and a lot of ideas, i still play eve online now after 10 years, supported them, reported bugs and writed suggestion now they have 700k subrscribers , they are making another game called dust , linked to eve etc,


I play dof since 2010 and instead quit, i sent to the dev something like 100+ private messages with bug reports suggestion and fix, and guess? right now in the last 10 patch there is at list 40-50% of my suggestions and bug fixes. So i feel like DoF is growing also thx to my support.
Just for say i dont even buy dof becouse the dev after the beta GIFTED ME my dof key for my support

Now i am a moderator and i will help this game to grow even more, or i can be like you whine and quit after 1 week, i can understand your reaction but only if the devs not listen or answer you, i can insure you that every bug i reported got fixed, sometimes it needed some time becouse they not have 100 ppl working on it, BUT THEY FIXED IT.
So be propositive and supportive. QQ is useless

Reverie is a small house, that listen players, answer players, not censor anything even in theyr main forum, find me something similar around (i know only eve online) and i play online since 1997( ultima online) and played and tryed more than 100 mmo, and majority of software house make theyr fix purely based on theyr devs, and rarely listen the players.
Try open a critic like that in wow forum or swtor or , you will find yourself BANNED in less than 30 minutes, and for sure no answer.


ps: For any loss of crowns gold units time etc, the MOD team will refund you direcly in game, directly in chat, no other game in the mmo world have such direct support team, even eve online who have a very good petition system sometimes takes days to answer even to the minimum question, here you have a direct LIVE SUPPORT IN GAME

04-07-2013, 09:55 AM
i think he wants some fluoride with his cheese and whine too, seems like he has gotten alot of that aswell. There is no use for players like this, you see them whining like this over a beta or an alpha even, they just need to find singleplayer games really, that is all.