View Full Version : Couple of Bugs and questions

04-05-2013, 08:45 PM
Hello. I purchased your game the other day. Been having some fun so far. I look forward to more patches and improving some aspects as I am sure you will get to it soon enough. I admire your tenacity to leave your publisher and work on the game yourself. That was one deciding factor in me buying the game fyi. That being said here are a few things I have noticed in game that need some answers/finishing:

- BUG: The size of the Garviola elf plants has been bugging out on me. I realize they are suppose to grow a little, but these suckers have bugged out to be as big as twice the size of the biggest tree in the forest to what I think is the size they are suppose to be (all at max hp 3k). It is very random. It will be that way when I log in or return to my city from the world map.

- BUG: When I purchased the deer communion (reduce deer cost) trait the cost of my deer did not lower. They were 44f 22g (approx) before and after the perk was purchased. About a day later I noticed the cost was down to 38f 19g. So not sure if this is the bug being fixed or not. If so I purchased a ton of deer and some resource compensation would be nice.

- BUG: The description text on the elven residence all say change to food trickle even though the button text is correct.

- BUG: The army/home city icons in the top left of the world map intermittently disappear. The only way to get them back I have found is to enter a city and come back to world map.

- BUG: Object problem. When in your elf hometown sometimes when attempting to click on a building you will hit an "invisible" tree that is on the foreground that you cannot see and it clicks on that instead.

- BUG: mini-map when you zoom in from the world map with an army does not display correctly. It shows an overlay of the topography of the world map instead of a detailed section of whatever part of the world you are in at the time.

- Crashes: I have had a few crash and lag problems in game. One in particular was my very 1st pvp attempt. Someone had attacked me randomly. So I decided to defend. About 1/2 way through the fight the game froze and I had to relog in. It appeared like nothing happened after as it seemed like all my forces were there. I am not sure if it took resources from me or not. I was doing well I thought too. I have not tried pvp since. I do have a low end system though, but have been playing fine up until that point.

- WAI?: The formations of my units default back to the stone formation every time I log in. This is very frustrating. I then have to change them all again. If this is WAI I suggest changing it as it is very annoying.

Quality of life changes:

- Allow me to change/re map the controls if I want. Especially the R-click for map unit destination/map moving. This is very frustrating and causes misclicks very often.

- Let me name my heroes and units. Helps with immersion.

- Decrease times for lvl 1 buildings. This was very off putting and it takes way too long to get going when you start. Yes you can use the crowns to hurry them up, but as I learned the hard way, you want to save those for other more important upgrades.

This game has a very beta feel to it, but I do not regret my purchase as I feel it was good for its value. I do hope that these bugs will be fixed quickly though and a response would be nice just to know that you read it at least. Thanks!