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04-04-2013, 06:45 PM
I was invited to the beta and attempted to play the game with a not so great PC. Couldn't really enjoy the game with all the crashing, etc. so I wrote the game off and never thought about it again. I was yearning to play a new multiplayer game that didn't involve the FPS play style (I get plenty of that from PS2 now) and needed something to play when I was bored of shooting. I heard about DOF releasing on steam so I thought I would give the game another shot.

I am now thoroughly addicted and can't wait to log in everyday. This game has it's good points, and it has some stuff that needs work. I am fully aware that some of the things I mention might be in the works right now, or sometime in the near future. I am going to focus on things I find need some work, to give the Devs some feedback. This will be a long read so here goes.

Controlling Armies

I am finding that controlling your army is painfully difficult. It is really difficult to select individual units. I would like to see the way your army is managed to be more streamlined and easier to manipulate.

Entering a battle

When you enter any battle your army is clustered together making it very difficult (especially when you use the magnifying glass icon to enter the area your army is in) to set your ctrl groups up before your troops start being engaged. Since your army is extremely spread out when you select large amounts of units (without upgrades, I havnít upgraded any formations so im not sure if that changes once u do have the upgrades) it would be nice if they started out like that instead of very tightly grouped together, which leads me to my next point.

CTRL Groups being reset

Every time your army moves, whether it be from your home city, to a battle, back to your home city, your control groups are wiped. This is very annoying. Once I prep my army for city defence, the battle reloads and I lose my controls groups, having to remake them, which is difficult when all your troops are grouped together.

Hard to select units you want

It is very difficult to select a single unit amidst the battle. Maybe make it possible to customize units at a basic level, like making the unit portraits in the top left changeable in color around the picture or something, or changing the color of their banners?

Seems slow to respond when clicks are made

Even when not playing in PVP, unit movement, task, etc. orders seem really slow to respond Ė I end up having to click multiple times.

They also donít always react to the Attack Move option that is toggle-able.

Units not listening to commands when u attempt to move them around strategically

My orc slayers constantly try and go after the enemy units even after Iíve spam clicked for them to move away

War Horn / Peace Horn

The warhorn worked kind of. It just sent all my workers clustering in to my city. Would like to see maybe marauders take up tower positions and workers do something besides make it impossible to move through the city.


I know it has been expressed in another thread by Devs that you intend on working on the UI so Iíll just make some bullet points instead of going into detail

- Hard to tell how much % is done building for units and research. Maybe something similar to the buff bars at the top of the screen you see in some mmoís showing time left with an icon for each thing

- Distinguishing upgrades that are done vs ones that are not researched
- Tool tips explaining the strengths and weaknesses of units when you hover over the button while selecting the building that produces the unit (ie. Impalers doesnít have that info)

- More visual cues when abilities are activated, cool downs are in progress, units level up
- Visual cues to go with audio (ie. when your army arrives at its loc) Ė Something could pop up on screen incase you donít catch the audio so your army doesnít sit there and lose gold because you missed that it had arrived or you were busy when it did

- The resource rate counter Ė Not sure what is up with that, but itís broken half the time
- Quest markers over npcs need to be bigger and/or brighter


- Ability to arrange attacking troops during prep phase (in a small area) sort of like how you can in Final Fantasy Tactics Ė You get a small area and can arrange your troops before you start

- Dropping or de-syncing with people so often is really frustrating. I know not everyone has the same internet speeds, but making a matching criteria to search for people with low ping aswell before searching for anyone in general

- Make tiers for army strength ie. 100-150, 150-200, 200+, so you can find good fights instead of very onesided battles

- Something to do about disconnects and how rewarding / penalizing works with that. It sucks to be punished because you de-synced 30 seconds into the battle. Star Craft kinda got this right when they implemented not getting a loss if your connection bit the dust within the first minute or so. I know some people have been just task killing their game to avoid the loss and people lose out on rewards because of it. Maybe offer a reward if the battle lasted a certain amount of time.

Just my 2 cents Ė Anyone got thoughts on these points or something to add?

04-04-2013, 08:18 PM
if you dont want troops to go around chase, just use the hold ground istance instead the aggressive one

04-04-2013, 10:15 PM
agree with everything you said

major points: game is a ton of fun
managing a big army is a horrible nightmare, doing a duo coop mission with 2 big armies is terrible at the start. UI is pretty bad.

Brian Shingles
04-05-2013, 06:17 AM
Welcome back to the game lumdultheunholy and thanks for the detailed feedback.

I can't go into specifics of what we are working on but feedback like this really helps us know what needs changing and where we should focus efforts.

The priority at the moment is fixing bugs and stability issues, with a few minor tweaks we can fit in as we go, but we will work on larger improvements as time permits.

04-06-2013, 04:57 PM
What about a button where u can see stats/ranks of top 50/100 players.


Most siege wins:
asdkfnskf 120
dasbdi 112

and alot of tabs with losses and army strength, city strength.

This will really get some players to play more and pvp more.

And this army tiers / city tiers 100 - 200 u mention here is realy a greeat idea,

What is ur thought about players who start an pvp getting peace time? i think that peace should be 5 mins. or none