View Full Version : Few suggestions Larger siege map,unit deployment option, fog of war)

04-04-2013, 07:11 AM
Yo, it's me again.
As a big sieges fan, it would be nice if maps of besieged castles would be a little bigger, because when castle have best wall upgrades, my army is getting attacked before I deploy my troops.
My point is, that army is spawned too close to castle walls during the siege. Also, unit deployment before siege starts would be nice, this way we can plan our attacks and surprise our enemy (just like in tota war series). It kinda sux, when I'm besieged, and during preparation time I already know, where my enemy is going to deploy.

And my last suggestion on this thread.
Add fog of war! In my opinion, fog of war is one of the most important thing in RTS's. Imagine, planning ambushes, flanking you enemy, scouting an army (with added scout units later ingame, which would have a great sight range and movement speed). This would greatly increase pvp gameplay, and we would be able to use our strategic six sense!