View Full Version : 2 Things i need help with

04-03-2013, 06:07 PM
1. My town keep spawning laborer.. its kinda getting anoying.. i want it to stop.
How do i do it? ...

and 2. I've invited my friend to this game and he joined, but where is my dragon and my wealth?
PS: I bought him this game also cuse its cool. :D

Thanks for quick awnsers

Konstantin Fomenko
04-03-2013, 07:45 PM
Hi there,

Thanks for supporting DoF and getting your friend in!!!

You should have received email with instructions on getting the Friend invite (they are not added automatically). Please check your email. If you can`t find the email - please email support@reverieworld.com and they`ll get you your friend invite code.

With Orc Labourers - this is actually really beneficial bug (that we will fix by the weekend). Meanwhile you can do this:

Disband these units
1) Open World Map, Select your Town, and click Discard button
2) Now transfer what labourers you don`t want into the bottom menu and click Discard

Create army camps to get free resources
1) Open World Map, Select your Town, and Create army with these free labourers.
2) Now transfer all these new labourers there, and add some wood and gold (300 each or so)
3) Move this army (you can have up to 60 labourers in it) a little bit outside of your city, and click on Camp icon on the army.
4) Set up Camp, Enter Camp (click Camp icon again), and go to Manage Economy, and assign your labourers to gather various resources