View Full Version : Few bugs i encountered

03-03-2013, 10:14 PM
Good day, i would like to appoint on few bugs i encountered in the game.

First is when you try to put unknown letters, like -+, into chat, the game freeze.

Second one, when you have heroes in your city, their skill points still reseting, so when someone siege me, i have to clicking like hell to split their ability points and i cant focus on preparation.

Third concern is about freezing in loading screen. I didnt get my reward after siege of player because game froze in loading screen after the battle. So i had to ctrl+alt+del the game:).
And when i logged back, i lost all my supplies in army and fight even didnt counted to statistics.

Fourth is that one player have buged dragon with 36 thousands of damage. I just assume that this is bug, because the top for mine is 9400. I didnt noticed that and i lost my dragon to his in the battle.

That would be all what came to my mind.
Sincerely (ingame) Srogy