View Full Version : Missing Wealth

02-15-2013, 12:30 AM
I went to the store to see the sales of the day. I was excited to see dwarven champion was onsale. As i went to purchase it, i notice all 83 of my wealth was missing. The only thing i had done since i logged on was try to pvp battle zeikon, and while loading into the battle the game crashed. After looking around forum it seems this is a common problem with wealth disapearing after crashing. I'm starting to think i should just wait a few days for these bugs to be taken care of. I kind of feel like a beta tester at moment with all these patches.

Konstantin Fomenko
02-15-2013, 05:22 PM
Hello Rockstready,

The missing wealth is due to the updates we have been making to the server in the past 2 days. Sorry to hear about this effecting you, and we deeply regret having to make the server changes - but it`s necessary for the Steam release to go ahead.

Please check your forum messages for a full compensation.