View Full Version : Dwarf unit issues.

01-17-2013, 02:26 PM
Over the last day or so i have recruited an army of dwarfs, i feel there isnt so much of a balance in these units as compared to other factions.

I understand this may be down to the units possibly turning the game into P2W if they are too good but please read the following and comment if you would :)

1. dwarf riflemen cannot be trained in NPC town.
2. All dwarf units apart from hero do not level as quickly. for example i can wipe a whole orc region on the view map and only have +1 or 2 kills per unit instead of 50 odd.
3.dwarfs do not heal as fast or at all when a hero unit or enchanter heals them.

I know these seem minor points but actually make dwarfs pretty useless to buy and have in an army. Exspecially the levelling issue, as i can wipe 3-4 orc view maps and have 1 unit out of 24 level from 1-2.

I know the main factions are priority but some dwarfen love would be appricieated :)

01-17-2013, 03:29 PM
I just went into a pvp and found that my dwarf cannon after i healed it with my enchanters turned into a turbo cannon, i could move it from 1 corner of the map to the other in less than 2 seconds,

Doesnt bother me too much but im sure there could be alot of upset people on here with a bug like that :)