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Konstantin Fomenko
01-09-2013, 09:54 AM
As a small preview of cool new content in the next patch, we wanted to share one screenshot with you. This might turn into our best patch to date - from homeland expansion to leveling up your buildings and much more... We`ll post full detail list this weekend. And patch ETA is - either Tuesday 15th, or Friday the 18th.

<center><a href="http://www.reverieworld.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=2411"><img src="http://www.reverieworld.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=2411" height="400"></a></center>

01-09-2013, 01:41 PM
Man i got to fly out on Sunday night i need the patch now to get my game time in.

01-09-2013, 05:47 PM
Really looking forward to this. Guys you keep doing greater stuff as time passes!:D

01-10-2013, 03:48 AM
Looks great! :D

01-10-2013, 04:26 AM
Not being rude but am I missing something.? I can't see anything new in this s/shot. Looks just like my town ATM :s but that aside keep up the good work. Hope all is fixed for steam release as I want this game to win and not fail.

01-10-2013, 07:54 AM
all the housing buildings are outside the walls... and there is a TON!!! hopefully the pop cap has been lifted... though by the looks of the screen shot Konst. still only has the 90 pop, but 16k crown points, really konst? lol

Konstantin Fomenko
01-10-2013, 09:28 AM
all the housing buildings are outside the walls... and there is a TON!!!
Yeah - there are now twice as many buildings and houses to build on a homeland. On top of that each building can be leveled up to level 5 - that requires huge resources investment. And also we get guard towers with more walls at the edge of the map... So even these player who maxed everything out would have a few days of building ahead of them:)

still only has the 90 pop
Yeah still 90 tops, but the pop values per house, hut e.t.c went all the way down. So once you login with a new patch your current pop would be around 45, and you`ll have a lot more houses to build.

but 16k crown points, really
That`s how I roll:)

And a word more about this patch - our goal is to greatly extend homeland gameplay and scale, giving you good resources to do so as well. For example with a fully maxed out town with level 5 buildings players will be able to produce a 60 unit Level 5+ army in just a few minutes. Or have a much higher resources stockpile e.t.c

01-10-2013, 07:19 PM
i want more pop and more walls!! And lets not forget more multiplayer like two vs one or just more than a 1v1 battle. So ill look to the Future im sure its there somewhere

01-10-2013, 07:45 PM
in a nutshell... is this game full version or still in development? (pardon the newbie questions. just learned of the game yesterday.)

Konstantin Fomenko
01-10-2013, 07:54 PM
This is a full game:) But our team is dedicated to constantly improve and add to the game - free expansion packs, random events, improvement patches e.t.c

01-11-2013, 10:05 PM
awesome. love the game and whole idea of it. keep it up!

01-12-2013, 04:26 AM
Hmm ^^
Guess I.ll need to check on this when its out.

by the way Of course I also support the Idea of increasing Population Caps of Town AND Army
(how about making it 90 for Armys and 120 for Towns :P )

But well for now I guess I.ll be happy enough with the Increase of Walls and Guard Towers *gg*
maybe the day will come when adding some fixed Archers on the Wall and Towers will be one Possible Upgrade as well ^^

01-12-2013, 07:47 AM
oooo I like the idea of fixed archers.

Konstantin Fomenko
01-12-2013, 09:31 AM
Updated on the patch release - two possible windows now. Either Tuesday 15th - the evening, or in the worst case Friday 18th - afternoon. We`ll post full patch preview this weekned.

01-12-2013, 11:21 AM
I cant wait anymore!!! release it you meanies!!