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12-29-2012, 04:56 PM
Just figured I would not be a Bystander just sitting and watching, anyway

If you encounter a bug/glitch/something that isn't right/something that is broken, Press F1 to take a screenshot and find it in your game directory convert it to JPG or use other methods like Photobucket and Add the image of the bug to the post that you are posting of and or Fraps usage, and Explain EVERY detail of what Unit/building/Quest it was and what you did Before it happened, During it happend and AFTER it happened.. Explain as much as you can so we can get this wonderful game pristine.

This is a wonderful game, I prefer it over Age of empires online, Stronghold kingdoms online and many others. We can't just sit our butts in our chairs and play and expect the game to work and get what you want. The generation has changed from getting what we pay for, To working with the ones who created what we payed for to better the games.

Im ignore those that say "I payed for the game and It didn't deliver" Sorry no such thing, Now if you payed for the game and it was completly unplayable then you can say you payed for a game that didn't deliver, as to if you play the game and theres something wrong you don't like? Don't complain about it, Help the developers solve the problem and come with a solution to a fix!!!

People that tend to say "Oh I payed for a broken game" That's the same concept as someone being a greedy person over money, sorry but its true.

I expect some won't like what ive said, but truth hurts, we don't get stuff delivered to us on a Golden platter anymore, which is why We, US, a society must band together and help eachother "Hence, Help the developers instead of sitting on your arse complaining my units wont move my building won't build, i lost my hero and he won't respawn, i bought Crowns and they disappeared" TALK IT OVER with the Developers, they will fix it!! I know from experiance

When I watched the game progress little bit after 2008, and when the game released in 2010 i think? I remember my city walls would keep rebuilding themselves over and over, and what did I do? I told a Developer and a fix came the next day

What happened to my hero when he died and wouldn't respawn? A Developer fixed it the next day, but guess what? They are more experianced TODAY Than 3 years ago, that they can respawn your hero within an 30 minutes!!

Ive been through more Crap in this game than what you "New" people have been through, because I was here at the beginning when it was VERY Buggy, So don't complain, work it out, Do your duty to help, don't just Sit there saying you wasted money, because if you Help with the problem that you payed for, when you help, YOU BENEFIT from it,for helping!!

That's all you have to do, Report the bug, report the problem in the Technical support area and im sorry if something in this message offends anyone, but it comes down to the truth and the facts.. Ill quote it again "Ive been here since the beginning when it was bad, and ive been through more crap than what you have the past few days/weeks/months, ive been here for a VERY long time..So, Help the developers with Details,Screenshots, Every info you have, every problem you see!. Thank you!

Again, The Developers will fix whatever bug you have, Just report every detail

Konstantin Fomenko
12-30-2012, 01:37 PM
Thanks for your post Axal! And glad to see a player who is still there over a year!

And from developers side I can back up everything you`ve said. We always try to browse these forums and also play the game ourselves almost daily. And we use players bug reports and concerns to shape out development plan. As we continue to patch the game weekly and have two major expansion on the horizons this is more and more becoming a player driven game development project. And yes - every bit of help or advise helps!