View Full Version : Orc Quest Problem

12-26-2012, 05:00 PM
I have been progressing through the orc quests and have come to a stand still on Krak Urnen - Honors to the Victor.

I am able to enter the quest and kill all the ogres, but when I attempt to exit the quest to the world map the game freezes on the loading screen. I repeated the quest 3 times with the same result. After my final attempt I re-logged and my army has vanished from beside the quest location and game. My hero was back at my town with all skill points reset.


12-27-2012, 04:39 PM
So I have logged back into my orc city since making this first post. Now all my left over military units and wargs have vanished..Only a laborers are left, and the spawning of goblins and laborers seems very slow with my population of now 5....Oh and the ice dragon xmas gift has also vanished and he was still had immortal status

Konstantin Fomenko
12-28-2012, 10:51 AM

This is a problem with the game not saving the progress due to connection issues. You would need to start a new town - as it`s not possible to get all the stuff back. However before you do we`ll need to figure out why your connection wasn`t working right.

Make sure you don`t run any other application in the background while playing DoF - from youtube, to internet browser, or not downloading anything. In addition it might help to restart your internet modem/router.

12-30-2012, 12:04 PM
It did not seem to me to be a connection issue as I attempted the same thing multiple times with the issue arising at the exact same point every time....As for my second problem with the Ice dragon disappearing, I have had some saving issues with my human town in the past (buildings and units created arenít there as of next login) it was much different on my orcs. The new construction projects were completed, and I had the existing military before I logged on to start more buildings and those units had vanished.

Thanks for your input Konstantin.