View Full Version : A few bugs/issues

12-22-2012, 11:17 PM
1. Logging out rolls back time. I logged out and when I logged back in to play, buildings progress had been rolled back and some units disappeared too. One of them being my first ogre!

2. being orc, changing the toggle spawn while a unit is spawning makes them bug out. Making them unable to interact with. http://i515.photobucket.com/albums/t351/asdasdasd111223344/Screenshot1_zps2c8cb3ac.png

3. Way points seems to reset after logging out/going to the world map etc

4 Holding down the scroll to look around should disable the mouse movement on the screen. Otherwise if you try to spin around the mouse will get to the edge of the screen moving the whole screen.

5. AI being stupid, pathfinding issues and very long delay when giving orders to units (right click etc) before the "flag" pops up and the unit starts moving. Should be more responsive.

6. Had a strange bug before when my labors turned in stone, I would suddenly get -7.2 stone per minute or something like that. Aint got that problem anymore though, and dont know how to recreate it.


7. Flags not having the correct textures.. well.. not any textures at all actually

8. Changing action while a unit is doing something else doesnt automatically cancel its current action. For example, if a laborer is building and I set him to chop wood, he doesnt do that. I have to manually cancel the building and then put him on chopping wood. Its not a biggie but just for convenience

That is what I've got so far! Otherwise the game is quiet fun!

Where should I upload a dxdiag? apparently it goes over the text limit if I try to copy it to the post ^^