View Full Version : Many Interface Suggestions / Issues

12-22-2012, 12:49 PM
Add option - "Disable Menu Animations"
Toggling this on removes all animations from the menu. The primary annoyance is having the interface scroll on and off the screen. It takes way too long and is annoying as heck waiting for it all the time. It was cool at first but after a few hours of playing, I want stuff to happen instantly.

Minimap - "Terrain Display"
This would be a three tiered toggle.
1) Full Display - Same display setup as the current minimap
2) Dim Display - Minimap terrain is still visible but at a set percent (50%?) grey.
3) Off - Terrain on the minimap is completely black. All the minimap displays are units

Minimap - "Toggle Unit Colors"
Multi-tiered display for this as well. At a minimum:
1) Normal - Same display colors as current
2) Self/Friend/Foe - Your units are one color, allied units are green, hostile are red
3) Self/Friend/Foe 2 - Your units are one color, each allied army gets their own color, all hostiles are red
4) Friend/Foe - All friendly (self and allies) units are green, all enemy units are red

Unit Selection/Group Functions - Portraits
Allow unit portraits (top left) to be used to add/subtract units from selection groups instead of forcing us to use units on the game-screen.

Group Functions - Save them!
Control groups aren't being saved. If I pick 5 units to be Group 1, I want to press "1" next time I log in and be able to select those same units without having to remake the group every time.

Game Screen - Display unit name/health/control group via nameplate
Create option to enable nameplate display for units. This should function like nameplates in traditional MMOs with info like: Unit name, level, control group it belongs to (if it does), health, etc.

Offering multiple display choices would make more users happy, such as: Display nameplates for all units, display nameplates for selected units, only display allied nameplates, only display enemy nameplates, etc.

Unit Portraits - Highlight Selected
When a unit is selected, the portrait should change to indicate this to the player. If I have 5 laborers selected, the one who is being displayed as the Current Unit via the detailed-info in the bottom left should have its icon easily identifiable via a glowing ring, changing the circle in the unit icon to a bright gold, or something.

Unit Location - Center View On.. and Cycle Between..
Implement 2 hotkeys:
1) Center view on current unit - centers the view on the current unit.
2) Cycle between selected units - Cycles the current unit between each unit from the active selection group. Re-centers the view on the unit that is the active unit.

Options Menu - Add "Okay" button
Options menus only have "Apply" buttons. Implement an "Okay" button. Hitting ESCAPE is generally used as a way to cancel changes; using it as a way to back out of a menu after applying changes is counter-intuitive.

- Enable windows text control keys in all chat boxes (control, shift, home, end, etc)

- Clicking mouse in a textbox shouldn't automatically select/highlight text. Right clicking should deselect.

- Hitting ESCAPE key should, in order:
A) If any windows are open, close them
B) If any units are selected, deselect those units
C) If no windows are open and no units are selected, open the menu
Currently, it opens the menu before doing anything else. This is extremely annoying due to the forced menu-animations.

- Alt-tabbing and coming back in clears everything except the terrain from being displayed. I have to go to the world map and back into the home city to force the models to reload.

- Implement an option to "restrict mouse to game screen". I have dual-screens. While in-game, it is possible to scroll from my primary screen to my secondary screen. Currently, I am unable to scroll the view using the side of the screen that connects to my secondary monitor.

That's all for now.