View Full Version : ? on single player game.

11-18-2012, 02:39 PM
I have a couple of ?'s on single player side of dof. I noticed that to get any of the specials for the soldiers it requires crowns which you cant get. is that intended? also the dragons are a lil rough especially since you dont have hero's or dragons your self to fight them with. for example in darseen a easy city to siege the dragon had 90% resist to arrows so had to use foot troops which with out special troops or specials it whiped out 80% of troops. now if they (dragon) was not on world pve map this would be ok i would just rebuild there but they are and hit you from the beginning if you have a fort it is already on fire and roasts the troops before you can get them out. so just my thoughts and if something can be done to equal it out some.:(. Also last think you dont have any specials on your dragon in charge of your cities.