View Full Version : Lost entire army and most of my peasants...

11-12-2012, 11:24 PM
As title states, lost my entire army and most all of my peasants when someone tried attacking my homeland. The prep phase went by as normal and as the enemy entered the map I received the "Out of Sync" warning.

After this it reloaded my homeland and lo and behold it was all gone. No battle took place, none of the buildings seemed to have been damaged at all. Any help would be appreciated.

Konstantin Fomenko
11-13-2012, 09:19 AM

We are investigating. This is an extremely rare bug that we get one report once in a while, but it is devastating. Please rest assured you`ll get everything lost back + tons of other compensation bonuses.

Meanwhile - could you please describe approximately how many units have you lost.

Also what`s your Username in-game, and your Homeland name?

11-13-2012, 11:52 AM
I lost around 20 army units and around 10-15 peasants.

Username is DGraviton
Homeland is Gravitonia

I really appreciate you looking into this!

Konstantin Fomenko
11-13-2012, 01:09 PM
Ok, thanks for the info. Please check the private messages on this forum with instructions for compensation.

11-17-2012, 03:44 AM
Perdi gran parte de mi ejercito despues de retirarme de una mision, estaba haciendo una de las primeras misiones cuando me retire de la batalla por no poder ganar, tenia todas las tropas, algunas heridas y otras no, las devolvi a la ciudad y las deje curando, por la noche me intente conectar pero no pude, pensando que seria alguna actualizacion deje de intentarlo y me fuy, hoy cuando me vuelvo a conectar veo que he perdido la mayoria de las tropas que deje curando, pueden ayudarme y decirme que a pasado