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11-11-2012, 12:20 PM
I've been playing for only about a day and a half but the following things are things I could see being added that would be an improvement:

1. Minor thing - already mentioned to a GM online and said would add to the 'to do' list: Chat time stamp is keyed off of time in England, so, for example, if you're in the eastern US (like I am), the time stamp is 5 hours ahead (actually, the server clock is a little off so it is 4 hours 56 minutes).

2. When using right click to move the screen around, the cursor should not move. As it is now, if you hold down the right mouse button, and move down, the cursor also moves so when the cursor gets to the edge of the screen, the screen suddenly starts going in the opposite direction.

3. When you click the icons at the top left of the screen to choose a unit type, it displays a list of all the units at the bottom of the screen. You should be able to double click a unit to go right to that unit and have that unit highlighted. For example, if I have an army with 10 knight units, and one of those units is close to death and I want just that unit to retreat, I should be able to double click on it, the screen will take me right to that unit and have it already highlighted, and I can issue an order to have it move. As it is now, in the pitch of battle, there is no way to click through a bunch of moving figures in the middle of battle to find the one I'm looking for.

4. I assume that the max population cap you can reach is 90 and the max storage with upgrades is 17,400. However, the game will continue to allow me to build houses, using up my resources until I found this out. There should be a message that pops up saying "You've reached maximum population. Do you wish to build the house anyway? Y/N" with a check box to also not show that message again in the future.

5. When you are away from your home city screen for a while, the resource list at the top right, has funny things happen to it - the resource rate drops very low, and the longer you are in your city screen, it'll crawl back up. For example, I was getting a steady food rate of around 400. I went out on a mission for about 10-15 minutes, came back to my city, and it was now 30 (it also does this when you log out). 20 or so minutes later and it is up to 40. If I stay in my city screen for 3 or 4 hours, it'll be back up to 400.

6. In the manage camp screen, if you have peasants assigned to gather a resource, say Wood for example, and you have peasants assigned to a resource and want to change the assignment, when you click the - key to remove them from that resource, when you get to 0, it'll say you have something like 4.7E^-07 resource rate.

7. It appears your can't assign quick keys to siege equipment - I highlighted 2 dwarven cannons and hit ctrl-8. Click off of them, hit 8, and they weren't selected. Is this intended?

Sorry if this list is too long - I'm enjoying this very much and it has been a struggle to pull myself away. These are just a few of the things that have jumped out at me!

11-12-2012, 11:28 PM
Point three I agree with, would be great have a faster way to pick a unit in jeopardy then try to work out where it is in the scrum and manual pick it or tell all units of that type to retreat.

I donít think you need a message about the max population for housing. Mainly because I donít like an assumption I want to max/min everything, houses are cheap. I kinda wish I could build more houses then it lets us tbh.

The rate of resource gathering definitely drops when your offline, that was part of a patch I remember quite a while ago. The other fluctuations I've assumed are due to weather and stuff. The rates largely become irrelevant once you hit max built. Which if youíre a regular player does not take very long at all.

Konstantin Fomenko
11-13-2012, 09:26 AM
What can I say - I agree with almost everything here, and with time I hope we`ll work that in (by in-time I mean after Siegeworks expansion is finally ready)

With 4 though - it`s really a minor concern - and these hoses you build take more on a decorative role. But Yeah I guess we could make each house add couple of points less pop.

And for 7 - the game only supports shortcuts 1 through 7, that`s why. But it`s also something we need to expand on.