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10-19-2012, 10:44 PM
I recently bought Dawn of Fantasy and was looking forward to playing the game. However, once I started I was immediately confused and thrown off. I was wondering if someone could clear things up for me.

When I read about the game I was thinking it was going to be like the total war games except with an online campaign mode and custom player built cities. Am I right about this?

A few in game inquires

How do I know if the cities in the campaign mode are player built cities or not? When I first looked at the campaign view it looked very vacant. No armies outside of the cities or anything.

2.When I tried to attack another city, my army just went up to it and nothing happened. I noticed there was a button I needed to press to enter the city. But I couldn't find a way to attack the city. Even after declaring war on them.

3. When I click on a army in the campaign mode there's a button that pops up that appears to go to a Player vs player matchmaker. I could not find any matches, but is this the only way to fight other players? Can I find them on the campaign map in the wild?


10-20-2012, 04:46 AM
If being similar means that you also command batallions, then yes. But I find it completely different, except when it comes to the battles.

You can't see other players' cities in the map, only NPC towns. You can attack them opening the PvP window, though.

When you want to attack a NPC city, you gotta declare the war to them, and then press the siege buttom below the "enter city" one.

Yes, the only way to fight other players is that windows. The game engine will look for other player's armies or cities around, if there is none online then you won't be able to fight. You should move your army around the map to have higher chances to meet some.

10-20-2012, 04:31 PM
So you cant see other players cities on the map, and there are only npc towns. Doesn't seem to make sense.

So when you use the pvp matchmaking, how do you know who your fighting against and what their territorial boundaries are? Or if their allies or not.

How can one spy on other players or check them out first before blindly fighting against them?

If I conquer a npc town, does that town vanish from the map for other players? Since they cant see player cities.

10-21-2012, 02:14 AM
1. No You cant See others Players Citys or Armys (which is logical just imagine how the World would look if you had Armys walking all over the place lol)

But yes you can Attack other Players Armys and Citys by having your Army send out Scouts to find an Target for you in the PvP Queue

2. You can deduct the Territory on the Map used if your Attacking an City
however unless your Enemy names himself you wont be able to find out who he is.

Also You cant Conquer Citys of other Players you can only Plunder them.

3. The Matchmaking will make you Fight Opponents of more or less equal Power
there is currently no way of checking an Enemy beforehand.
Tough I honestly hope they Implement Spys over the Time.

4. Currently the NPC Towns if Conquered will be Forced to become your Allies
this has currently no Effect on other Players

However later on the System is planned to work different
Later on you shall be able to Conquer NPC Towns and rake some sort of Benefit in for Holding it against other Players
means that the NPC Town will always be in the Hand of one or more Person which will then also Defend it and try to hold it against Attackers.

Pls note
This Game is in Tactical regards a bit like Total War
the In Battle System is very similar not only for Platoon Control but also for Battle Options and Sieging

However the Campaign Mode cant be Compared to the Total War Single Player Campaign
Dont forget there are supposed to be more than 100 People on that Map
thus it is completly Impossible to make an Campaing Map like in Total War
because the Number of Territorys would just be far too much for an Detailed Game like DoF

I am sorry to Dissappoint you on that one