View Full Version : 2 hour siege that i won then all resources wiped on my seigeing army :S

09-10-2012, 05:18 PM
Ok i just did my first npc siege with my elf army (army 2), agast Makkada Ciity it took about 2 hrs or so to do it then said i won, i thought brill watched my wealth go up by 4 so i started to loot bodys and my gold was shooting up. This was good since i lost about 2000 or more stone in the attack and a bit of food and wood to. The orks that were left started to attack me and i had about 2 mins before the game ends noramly so i decided to leave at this point to save any more injures and loose some of the loot since it gets halfed at this point, was more after the crowns any way :).

well the next 5 to 6 mins was nothing but the loading screen with screaming and fighting still going on as i could here my elfs being killed :S i had to end task the game since the loading screen was not dispearing.

i then turn the game back on and go straight to my army fearing the worst (and that being there all dead because there were all killed when the game was loading out). Thankfuly my army was not only alive but the few i lost in battle about 6 units or so were all alive. i was a bit confused then realized all there resource there were carrying when i left were know on 0 and my wealth had lost the 4 it gain before i left the game after i won :S.

so basicly i wasted 2 hrs of gameplay and lost all that amys resources even know i won :( i would't of minded if i had lost but i won and even got to see the wealth added before i was forced to end task what was gone when i logged back in like i siad above :(

Is there any way to sort this out? since i dont want to siege again for another 2 or so hrs just to come out with nothing once more it is pointless :(

edit -

Just realized i took a screen shot at the 4:33 min mark this is what it said my reouces were -

food was 1623
wood was 1160
stone was 1016
gold was 7017
army 42/60
wealth 30

i went to about 2 mins left before exiting so gold would been higher since i was looting corspes.
my army came out with 53/60 troops after i re loged in.

Konstantin Fomenko
09-13-2012, 10:50 AM

I looked into that, and unfortunately seems like this is a more or less common problem. If a person is in a battle for more than 40 minutes there is a really good chance of this bug happening. Basically the server drops connection somewhere between 40 minute to 1 hour. This won`t happen every time but until we fix this it`s best to avoid these long battles.

Oh and check your Private Messages here on the forums, I sent you a message with a little something to make up for this experience.