View Full Version : Registering for the online kingdom : e-mail adress error

09-01-2012, 04:55 AM
Hi, I bought this game yesterday to test the online features the game offer.

I made the tutorial and then wanted to register for the online kingdom. I filled in all fields but each time I got bugs...

The fisrt one was easy to pass through : when I was typing my e-mail adress or the Cd key, the game thought I as doing a copy paste each time i pressed the key "v". So I copied my Cd key and my e-mail adress to paste them in the fields.

Doing so I was able to fill all the fields correctly. But ... I got a new error : The game says me that my mail adress has a wrong "format" (Yeah I forgot to say that I am french).

Here a screenshot...


I tried with 4 adresses which are :


The (at) are only to avoid bots to spam me ;) I wrote @.

Thank you in advance for the time you will take to reply.

Best regards,

Alexandre Evrard.

PS : You can write me in english, french, italian, or german : i don't care as I can all these languages.

Konstantin Fomenko
09-02-2012, 03:24 PM
This is a really odd problem try copy pasting this e-mail - and it should work: takeo24250@gmail.com

If it still doesn`t work - you can e-mail us at support@reverieworld.com include your CD key, E-mail, Username and Password you want to use and we`ll create your account for you.