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08-10-2012, 04:59 PM
My orc slayers approached from the distance and the wee little humans could see this- all the tiny little human peasants rushed back to their castle. Sadly, most if not all were ambushed by goblins along the way and slaughtered. In the background, a howling echo of orc catapults unleashed barrage upon barrage of doom upon the human stronghold. The two towers housing dwarf gunners crumbled alongside the gates..... and the orc hero saw in the sky two shapes coming closer and closer. They were dragons indeed, and as they landed. They met heavy resistance from slayers and goblin archers. One dragon fell to the blades of the orcs and the other fled back into the stronghold. The dragons utmost failed their duty to destroy the ten catapults. The stronghold's inner gates were destroyed moments later by the catapults and the catapults begun firing flames unto the stronghold's heart. The buildings were burning and the peasants screamed in agony. A mass army of slayers rushed forward into the courtyard and met heavy resistance by knights, pikeman, swordsmen, and the weakened dragon. The dragon was soon left to fend for itself as the humans retreated back into the heart of the stronghold. It died to the orc's majestic hero aided by fellow berserkers. A rush of goblin raiders and slayers charged into the heart of the stronghold facing countless humans ready to die for their lord. And SO THEY DID! They were overwhelmed by the countless orcs and soon none were left. Dwarven cannons stood unused on the right side of the stronghold and a bastion of human archers held their ground there. As predict, they too would fall to the numerous orcs.

Sadly my screenshots were not saved. Sad face. One of my best PVP experiences ever.

- Just to show what my slayers are capable of ;]- note that this was taken before my orc hero decided to execute every nonorc unit in his army.
<img src="http://i46.tinypic.com/2qv3v5x.jpg">

<img src="http://i49.tinypic.com/2lu9cia.jpg" width=700>


- i feel bad for the guy though since i wiped out his entire population along with half his entire stronghold. ;[